Why go on Tiktok as an expat?

Why go on Tiktok as an expat?

5 December 2022 Expat life

With nearly 1.8 billion users, TikTok has established itself as the social network for short videos. Increasingly used as a search engine, especially by generations Z and Alpha, it is useful in many other ways besides entertainment.

Using TikTok as an expat can serve to:

  • Seek inspiration when the expat has not yet defined his/her dream country;
  • Prepare for the trip by learning about the intricacies of the expatriate country;
  • Find information on health insurance for expatriates;
  • Find out about good deals on the spot (restaurant, activities);
  • Learn about local life;
  • Improve your language skills;
  • Learn more about the market and the local work rules;
  • Ask questions in comments and interact with the community.

There are endless reasons why expatriates or future expatriates spend hours on TikTok. Fortunately, many content creators from all countries offer their advice and daily life to make you want to join them.

Expats on Tiktok whom you can follow:

There are a myriad of Tiktok accounts of expats explaining the benefits of expatriation and how they live it, which can inspire you on what destination you can choose and your upcoming expat experiences.

Flavia, a French woman with 5 children and her husband, decided to take on the biggest challenge of her life, leaving France to live in Scotland. She shares with us her days and her life in Scotland.

It’s in a good mood that  @lecanadienfrançais, a student from the south of France, leads us into his activities and story of expatriate life in Montreal for 6 months.

After struggling to build the life he wanted, the Quebec father with his family, @simonp.l, takes us into his adventures in Mexico.

Born in Lithuania, raised in Germany, @thelithuanianabroad shares his experience as an expat in Spain and the culture of the country.

Whether it’s a festival, a landscape, or a shop, the American @flossys_wonderland, accompanied by her dogs, makes us dream of Amsterdam in each of her videos.

Through her activities, the young Italian @elecorsee shows us the extraordinary expatriate life she leads in Dubai.

All of the above-mentioned influencers have one thing in common: they explain in their videos the many steps to follow before leaving their country, including taking out international health insurance for expatriates.

Expatriation on TikTok with Foyer Global Health  

It was only recently, last October, that we also joined TikTok. The objective, through content adapted to the platform, is to humanise health insurance with:

  • Videos from our director François Jacquemin;
  • Expatriation tips;
  • Advice on health;
  • And humour of course!

Our boss when he arrives on TikTok… and also in Cannes, Athens and Dubai to meet our customers 😎 #ourbossisontiktok #insurancetiktok @francois.fgh

♬ AIN’T GONNA STOP – Carol Kay

We look forward to seeing you on the account to follow our latest news.

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