Expert Talk #1: Louis, Account Manager

Expert Talk #1: Louis, Account Manager

22 April 2022 News

Hello Louis, today you are Account Manager at Foyer Global Health, and the very first member to take part of the Expert talk project!

First of all, can you please tell us a bit more about yourself: your background, when did you join Foyer Global Health?

Of course, my name is Louis, I am from Luxembourg, born and raised in a mixed racial couple who opened my eyes early to different cultures and point of views. I have done all my baccalaureate studies in Luxembourg but then I studied in university in Strasbourg, in France. I joined in Foyer Global Health in 2019, in the Sales team.

What motivated you to join the teams

What I found great at Foyer Global Health was the passion of the people, there are here people who worked in IPMI for a very long time, they know the industry by heart. The product by itself is also very interesting. There are many specifities in an expat health insurance plan that makes it interesting to learn about. Last but not least, I would also say the start-up mentality that you feel here, with the backing of Luxembourg’s N°1 insurance, makes Foyer Global Health very appealing for a new joiner. I was really looking for a new opportunity with an international and start up dynamic. I never really planned on working in insurance, but somehow through the passion of my now colleagues they convinced me of the purpose and the utility of the product.

Can you explain us a bit your role within the Sales team?

I am working as an Account Manager, when I joined, I was first dealing mainly with the German Market. Since this year, I have been now involved in managing global brokers. What I like in my position is the interaction I can have with brokers: establishing the first contact, building a long-term relationship… I can also give my inputs into additional projects. I have always felt listened by my colleagues and that is something very important for me.

What challenges does Foyer Global Health face at the moment on the broker market?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things. It has changed the way we work and especially how we communicate. It has changed the way the brokers work, and most of all, it has changed the market. To a certain extent, we were well prepared, because of our close relationships with our brokers. This epidemic gave us the opportunity to forge these relationships and support our brokers at all moments.

How do you build a bond of trust with partners and intermediaries?

Mostly through quality and service. When a broker proposes our products to his clients, he must be confident that his clients are in good hands, thus quality and service is the most important. The broker should also feel that someone is looking after his clients.

How would you describe Foyer Global Health as a workplace in a few words?

Since the beginning of 2021, there is really anew wind and new energy that flows in Foyer Global Health. We can feel the willingness by everybody to evolve and improve in all aspects. We have welcomed incredible new additions to the teams, we have defined new exciting projects to work on. We have more and more people with diverse backgrounds, it creates a good diversity within the company. Today, Foyer Global Health is the place-to-be if you want to experience a company experiencing a full expansion phase, with the excitement that comes with it.

Do you think that Foyer Global Health offers you the right opportunities to grow and learn new things in your career?

The last 3 years, I have been in an amazing learning and growing process. I believe that the best way to learn your job is to be in the field, and learn from the great “teachers”, business development managers, that have their own styles and different knowledge centres. Some are more experienced in this IPMI market, some are more experience in Sales. One can learn a lot from one colleague and I surely did.

I recently joined the global brokers team, that is again very different to the German market. I really look forward to getting more involved and learning. I had the chance to work on the first projects, that thankfully we won.

And how do you think you can continue to evolve?

Career wise, Foyer Global Health has intrusted me with more and more responsibilities over the years, latest joining the global brokers team.

I am confident in my future in the company which is growing so fast. There will be loads of great opportunities, challenges and I think it is still time to get in and build a career.

What qualities do you think that a Sales team member in international health insurance should have?

In my opinion, in sales it is hard to say somebody should be x or y. Everybody has a different style, and there are different skills and qualities needed for different markets and even different brokers. The most important thing is to be willing to adapt and to learn. We also work in collaboration with other teams, no one is a lone wolf. It is not rocket science.

What would you like to say to the new talents who want to join us?

I think the most important thing, especially when you are young and hungry, is to learn how the real world works. Foyer Global Health is in a strong expansion phase, where you can learn a lot. You will not be limited to your job description; you will have loads of opportunities to grow. Since there are many different projects going on, you will have the possibility to dip your nose in different aspects of the business, any maybe you will find another calling in the company and you will be able to continue on a different path than first intended. The challenges are real, especially in the next 5 years, if you liked to be challenged and you want to learn and grow, Foyer Global Health is a great place.

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