Expat in Thaïland – 5 interesting Facts You Should Know

Expat in Thaïland – 5 interesting Facts You Should Know

20 January 2023 Expat life

Do you know these unusual facts about Thailand?

What do you first think of when you hear about Thailand? Blue Moon? Pad Thai? Koh Samui or Pattaya? As a future expat in Thailand, there are things you need to know to save yourself from embarrassing situations or to shine during your experience!

We make you discover 5 surprising facts about Thailand.

In Thailand we eat with chopsticks! The answer is no!

Do you think that Thai people only use chopsticks for their meals?

Well, you are wrong! In fact, chopsticks are only used for noodle dishes. If you want to expatriate in Thailand, you will notice that the great majority of the population eats with a spoon on the right, which is their main utensil and a fork on the left, which is only used to handle the food.

Also, don’t expect to find a knife during your convivial meals in Thailand whether at your host’s or at the restaurant as all the food is already cut in bite-sized pieces. So if you want to cut your food you will have to use the edge of your spoon.

Our little guide to Thai table etiquette:

  • Do not ask for chopsticks to eat;
  • Eat with your spoon, not your fork;
  • With sticky rice it is better to use your fingers;
  • The spoon is to be held in the right hand, the fork in the left.
expatriation thailand

A developing but already highly developed country

Many future expats often have in mind the fact that they will have to leave the comfort they are used to when they decide to embark on the adventure of expatriation. They sometimes fear sacrificing their way of life. ✈️

It’s all wrong! Testimonies of expats in Thailand have revealed that the WIFI network is sometimes much more efficient in Thailand than in their old home. Moreover, on the budget side, the subscription is much less expensive in Thailand than in other regions of the world at less than 30$ per month. Moreover, hospitals know how to handle all types of procedures as they have specialised professionals. Indeed, since long, Thailand is a leader of medical tourism where the care is very reliable. However, the costs can often be expensive so it is essential for you expats in Thailand to subscribe to an international insurance for expats.

It is forbidden to touch a person’s head

Yes, this is another fact that could be laughed at in France, but in Thailand the head is considered a sacred part of the human body. You are only allowed to touch the head of people in your family.

In Thai culture, your head should always be lower than a person who has a higher status than you or who is older than you. As respect is ingrained in Thai culture and values, you will regularly see young people bowing down to monks and their cadets. It is therefore important to be aware of these facts when expatriating to Thailand.

Beware of the climate!

You wish to expatriate yourself in Thailand for its postcard landscapes? Be careful, it is not vacation everyday in Thailand. Indeed, the country has a tropical climate, which leads to unexpected rains. Between May and October, Thailand undergoes heavy rainfall, as it is the rainy season. During this period, Thai people juggle strong winds followed by hot and humid air. It can therefore sometimes be difficult to plan an outing. However, the rainy season has some nice surprises in store, including some very nice moments of sunshine. Between November and April, the climate is rather dry with high temperatures.

Be careful if you want to expatriate to Thailand, because typhoons can occur in October!

Buy a property in Thailand

You want to expatriate in Thailand and become a homeowner in Thailand? In Thailand, it is possible for an expat to become a homeowner but not quite 100%. We’ll explain! The land must be owned by a Thai. Thus, an expat can only own 49% of a piece of land, the rest being owned in co-ownership with a local. This is already better than nothing!

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