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8 December 2022
Agnes: her experience in a medical emergency

Five years ago, I decided to leave my home country to continue working for the same company that was opening a subsidiary in China. Of course, my company took out health insurance for me through Foyer Global Health. In March 2022, I was admitted to the emergency room with a suspected heart attack. Fortunately, it…

8 December 2022
Angela: Hospitalisation with guarantee of payment

Three years ago, with my husband and our two children, we arrived in China. Thanks to my job, we had the opportunity to move to Hong Kong and we jumped at the chance! However, we are true globetrotters at heart! So, once or twice a year, we travel to another continent. In May 2022, we…

8 December 2022
Elena: her journey to maternity care in Australia

My family and I arrived in Australia in 2016. Before leaving, we took out health insurance with Foyer Global Health, which seemed obvious to us with a young child, especially given that we wanted to expand our family during the course of our expatriation. Our little Marianna was born in June 2022. I chose to…