Expert talk #3: Monika, Policy Manager

Expert talk #3: Monika, Policy Manager

22 November 2022 News

We are happy to welcome Monika, Policy Manager, for this new Expert Talk interview!

Hello Monika, we would like first to know more about you, what is your background?

Hello 😊 my name is Monika, I was born in Germany, where I also spent half of my childhood. At 12 years old I moved to Brighton, UK with my Family. Luxembourg has been my new home for the past 3 years. I started working at Foyer Global Health in June 2021.

Can you explain us your role within the Policy team?

My role is to process new applications and support customers throughout the lifespan of their policy. I support customers regarding policy queries. For example, their contractual documents, payment requests, our online portal, the addition of new members, and any policy change requests. Simultaneously, I am working on other projects, which aim to further improve our efficiency and our customer service.

What new skills have you developed since working here?

Since working at Foyer Global Health, my communication skills have greatly improved through day-to-day contact with customers, brokers, and different departments, as well as my team members. I have also acquired further skills like the ability to apply my knowledge, in an effective way to further improve our current procedures.

How do you describe your team spirit?

I would say cheerful, supportive, and open!

Why do you think employer brand matters for Foyer Global Health?

We want to encourage candidates from all backgrounds and experiences to become part of our growing company. Foyer Global Health is known as a company with loyal employees, which is naturally a result of our positive working environment and the benefits offered to employees. The trust, support, and assistance we receive from our leaders are impeccable and make Foyer Global Health a distinctive place to work at.   

How would you define Foyer Global Health’s work environment?

It’s a dynamic, friendly, and a place where new ideas and initiatives are encouraged and welcomed.

And finally: in your opinion, what makes Foyer Global Health an attractive employer?

Foyer Global Health is part of the Foyer Group, which is the 1st insurance company in Luxembourg. Foyer Global Health is an independent entity that, as a result, allows a lot of growth for employees. We can put our own ideas forward and are given the freedom to take the initiative on new projects. We are very lucky to have close relations with our managers, which really allows our voices to be heard. Foyer Global Health understands and appreciates that those working in the core of the business, experience issues firsthand and as a result provide ideas or solutions with the experience and background in mind.
We are a very diverse team with many different nationalities and languages spoken, every individual is accepted and welcomed for who they are.

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