Corporate Expat Package and Health Insurance

Corporate Expat Package and Health Insurance

1 September 2022 Corporate

Expatriation is increasingly common in companies. Previously limited to long-term experiences and for managerial profiles, expatriation in companies is now proposed for shorter assignments and more varied profiles that are progressively less hierarchical. In order to support the future expatriate from his or her country of origin to the host country and to maintain his or her standard of living, some companies, depending on their expatriation policy, offer benefits to their employees. Here is an overview of expatriation packages with Thierry Morel, Country Manager France & Belgium at Foyer Global Health.

What is a corporate expat package?  

A corporate expat package consists of a series of financial and in-kind benefits and services to support the expatriate employee’s relocation so that it runs smoothly. Depending on the size of the company and its mobility policy, this package may include: 

  • An attractive remuneration package; 
  • A housing, mobility, hardship or cost of living allowance;
  • Benefits in kind such as payment of moving expenses;
  • Transport assistance (private driver for the expatriate family, company car);
  • Housing assistance;
  • Payment of children’s schooling, telecommunications or energy bills;
  • Assistance with immigration, settlement or tax returns;
  • Free language courses on site
  • Good health cover for expatriates.
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Corporate expat package in an evolving company

Thierry Morel: 30 years ago, executives sent on expatriation occupied senior positions and the benefits they received were extremely comprehensive. Today, these extensive corporate expat packages represent a minority and are much more economical. Moreover, with the increasing number of expatriate employees, it is no longer the employees who decide and choose but the employers who offer. 

In addition, expatriates are now undertaking shorter (two to three years on average) and specific assignments. Thus, these packages are now budgetary allotments for expatriates depending on the destination and the country of origin. They mainly contribute to the coverage of relocation and moving expenses.

Corporate Health Insurance: how to choose?

In order to protect an employee, the employer subscribes to group insurance policies for all his employees. The insurance can be either compulsory, imposed in the company’s expatriation policy, or optional, in which case the employee is free to choose. These medical insurance policies can have various options such as:  

  • Security insurance,  
  • Repatriation insurance, 
  • Telemedicine services. 

Beyond the guarantees, what matters most to the expatriate is the quality of the service: offering the expatriate efficient care and adapted services when necessary. The expatriate health coverage offered by Foyer Global Health depends on the size of the structure being supported. For groups with an average of less than 100 employees, the standard offers are more economical and easier to set up. For larger companies, with 100 or more employees, the health coverage solutions for expatriate employees will be tailor-made. 

Foyer Global Health’s offers are made easier for the expatriate thanks to an individual portal on which he can easily download his invoices, get reimbursed, find a hospital, retrieve certain documents (insurance certificate), consult certain documents, change an address, add a birth and much more…   ” 

To find out more, we invite you to read our interview with Foyer Global Health Director, François Jacquemin, on the advantages of choosing our corporate health cover for expatriates.  The selection of the type of benefits included in the health insurance may depend on the quality of the health system in the host country. Read our article on the best healthcare systems in the world in 2022.  

Corporate Expatriate Health Insurance: Security Assist protection 

Opting for a corporate health insurance for expatriates means protecting yourself against all the risks that could impact your resources. Foyer Global Health and its partner HDI offer an integrated security and travel assistance solution for groups and companies. It offers several advantages for expatriate employees, including an online platform that allows them to: 

  • Be alerted to events around them in real time: protests, terror attacks, natural disasters, etc. 
  • Have access to a world map with danger zones (with precision right down to the street, useful for knowing where to move or travel, for example) 
  • Be able to reach a specialised team in case of an extreme emergency with the call-for-help function. 

Finally, this travel protection for expatriates also includes the essential elements of a classic travel insurance such as reimbursement in case of lost luggage, flight delay or cancellation. 

Many companies, especially those with few expatriates, still opt for travel insurance which is an assistance insurance but does not include medical cover for expatriates. These protections do not sufficiently cover the employee. For example, some countries require, even for short term trips, that the person presents an insurance certificate, which is the case in Asia. So be careful when deciding on the expatriate health insurance you choose.

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