Expat Health Insurance and Relocation: Interview with François Jacquemin

Expat Health Insurance and Relocation: Interview with François Jacquemin

4 April 2022 News

We are happy to share the original interview from François Jacquemin, Managing Director of Foyer Global Health, for the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal.

françois jacquemin managing director
François Jacquemin, Managing Director of Foyer Global Health

Could you introduce your company to our readers?

Foyer Global Health is the leading international health insurance and service provider for digital nomads, expats, and globally mobile people. We are a subsidiary of Foyer Group, Luxembourg’s #1 insurer since 1922. Our health plans and servicing derive from decades of experience with customers and staff from all over the World.

Could you give an outline of the services that you offer companies who are relocating employees internationally (such as pre-relocation preparation) that will help families to relocate?

The aim of Foyer Global Health is to support expatriates on one of their main concern when moving to another country: protect their health and the one of their families

What services do you offer companies to protect their investment in their employee?

We offer medical insurance combined with wellbeing services. This means that we provide expats and their families with a safety net, as well as repatriation and assistance to another medical facility in a country where the most adequate treatment will be available to them

Employees also benefit from unlimited (24/7/365) and telemedicine consultation and Second Medical Opinion and provided by globally renown medical experts.

Lastly, we advise companies on how to take preventive actions to ensure their employees stay healthy, and we help MNC with real-time warning if the safety of their staff is at risk, anywhere around the world.

Could you let me know the ways in which your service is different and perhaps better than your competitors? What feedback have you had from clients and what do you think could improve the process?

We firmly believe that people must be given the opportunity to freely choose their practitioner (hospital, clinic, doctor, etc.) as they are in the best position to decide where and how to be treated.

Feedback from our clients is clear, they want around-the-clock availability together with quick and transparent answers. We are dedicating as much resources as necessary to make it happen – thanks to digitalisation – and we are committed to deliver major innovation milestones in 2022. You’ll be the first to know.

What is key for Foyer Global Health is the ability of linking high value-added services and insurance as one, simple, experience to all our clients. Being a mid-sized IPMI player amongst mastodonts requires us to be more agile and to deliver truly tangible results to our clients.


This interview was conducted by Jane Collingwood and the article entitled “International private medical insurance – relocation services” was published in April 2022. You can read it here: https://www.itij.com/latest/long-read/international-private-medical-insurance-relocation-services

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