4 reasons to move to Singapore for work

4 reasons to move to Singapore for work

6 March 2023 Expat life

Located in the extreme south of Malaysia, Singapore and its city-state has been welcoming many expats for several years. To be more precise, 30% of its 5 million residents come from abroad, the city being renowned for its luxurious life, its climate and the safety of its streets, but that’s not only it! Here are 4 good reasons to come and work in Singapore, the Eldorado of Southeast Asia.

Working in Singapore

“When I first moved to Singapore, my salary was $3,800 and it was pretty tough”

With an average salary exceeding 4500 euros per month and an unemployment rate of 3%, there is no shortage of work in Singapore and the reason being that the “Switzerland of Asia” offers a strong opening to international trade, an attractive tax system and an increase in foreign investment.

Singapore appears as a breeding ground to start a business with low taxes, a very low rate of corruption and a jurisdiction that is not as complex as the ones elsewhere, especially in Europe. If you wish to join a company, you should know that some sectors are recruiting a lot and are blooming such as :

  • finance
  • digital
  • engineering
  • tourism
  • biomedical
  • cosmetics
  • leather goods

Expatriating to Singapore: a multicultural country

“Embrace the culture, pick up the language and you will fit seamlessly” Cassandra on Expat Arrivals

If you are afraid to leave your home country, Singapore can be a welcoming land for expats. While the majority of foreigners living in Singapore are Asians from neighboring countries, there are also many Westerners such as English, Australians and French. And if the fear of never being able to master Mandarin makes you nervous, don’t panic, English is one of the four official languages spoken by foreigners and locals alike. You should also know that obtaining Singaporean nationality means having one of the most powerful passports in the world, according to the Henley Passport Index.

A destination of choice for young people

“With such a stellar collection of cuisines and restaurants, Singapore makes it easy to enjoy a delicious night out.” – TRVL Diary Blog

Expatriating to Singapore remains interesting especially for students. Like the prestigious French business school ESSEC or the famous North London Collegiate School, several higher education institutions are relocating to Singapore and attracting many foreign students. The local universities are also very well ranked, such as the National University of Singapore which is ranked first in Asia. The many fun activities and nightlife that the city offers also make it a very dynamic destination to never get bored at!

The greenest city in the world

In Singapore, we don’t know if nature is at the service of man or if it is man who is at its service.” Vincent Noyoux, Le Figaro

This is it! Singapore is a very clean city because of the severe sanctions against polluters and the means mobilized in the maintenance and cleaning of the streets, which makes it the cleanest city in Asia. The city is also covered with vegetation, which gives it the title of the greenest city in the world.

singapore green city

Choosing Singapore to work is to be at the gateway to Asia

“Singapore hosts an extremely efficient airport. It takes a couple of minutes to clear security & immigration. It also provides us easy access to visit many countries throughout South East Asia.” – Sarah, expat in Singapore.

Ranked third best airport in the world by the Skytrax index, Singapore-Changi airport offers more than 130 destinations with 75 different airlines. Just a short distance from Malaysia, Thailand or Australia, the country offers an infinite number of travel possibilities! As a concrete example, at the time of writing this, a Singapore – Ho Chi Minh City ticket in Thailand costs less than 70 dollars according to SkyScanner, a bargain for explorers!

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