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03 May 2021


In October 2019, we offered all our prospects and customers the opportunity to interact with Foyer Global Heath via WhatsApp. You have very quickly appreciated this mode of communication and we are delighted.


The protection of your personal data is a topic of high importance to us and we could not remain unresponsive following the announcement in January 2021 of the sharing of WhatsApp’s data with Facebook (postponed to 15 May 2021). Therefore, we are launching today some alternatives to WhatsApp with the introduction of Telegram and Signal. Both platforms offer end-to-end encrypted conversations, without any trackers nor ads. Offering 3 different instant messengers gives you a wider choice of options for your exchanges with our teams, in complete confidentiality.


We invite you to read our privacy policy which can be consulted directly on our website. We also suggest that you read the terms of use of the instant messengers you use and avoid using them to share medical and/or sensitive data as much as possible.


If you would like to receive a quote, request more information about our international health plans and receive personalised advice, you can now contact us via WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal at this number: +352 621 393 180

For inquiries about your policy or claims, we invite you to contact us via the contact form instead.


If you have any questions regarding the use of these instant messengers, please do not hesitate to contact us. See you soon!

Foyer Global Health team

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