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Launch of the blog for expats

03 March 2020

I am thrilled and honored to officially announce the launch Foyer Global Health’s Blog.

Expats, Globally Mobile People, Digital Nomads, Globetrotters, Erasmus, Sabbaticals, or Affluent
Residents are some of the many adjectives used to portray citizens who find it enriching to work, study,
or reside abroad. This ever growing community of people has interests that resonate with all of us:
work/life balance, social life, personal development, innovation, health and physical/mental well-being, charity and
sharing economy, etc.

A lot of time and efforts have been put into it, and we hope that you will find it useful. It primarily serves
the purpose to share our experience, findings, announcements and any other topics spicing our lives.
We will have both internal and external contributions from partners, clients, friends and enthusiasts from all over the World.

We greatly value feedback and inputs so please do not hesitate to comment whenever you wish. We are
also eager to get suggestions and contribution for the forthcoming articles. All you need to do is send an
email over to us at and we will get back to you shortly.

Kind regards,

Thomas Merten
Director of Foyer Global Health

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