Which country should I live in?

Which country should I live in?

18 June 2021 Expat life


Which important aspects should I consider before moving in?


Moving abroad implies many things to prepare and think of: job, finance, well-being, work-life balance, life conditions, homesickness… And above all of this, it is not an easy task to determine in which country you would like to settle in, especially if you plan to move with your whole family.

Today, we collaborate with Decide Where To Expat to give you some tips about the aspects to consider before moving in.

In its article How to decide which country to live in, Decide Where To Expat gives you the 5 most important factors to examine: climate, language, culture, food and facilities.

We complete this list with the following essential factors:


Healthcare system

Of course, health has always been our top priority, and it should yours too. If you plan to live in a foreign country, you should know which are the possibilities for you to insure your health.  Healthcare systems in Europe or in other regions of the world can be totally different from one another. Depending on your professional status (employee, freelancer, etc), you can benefiti from the public health insurance or not.



If you have kids, you certainly want to offer the best education. You do your part at home, but the education system at school also matters a lot.

Besides the quality of education, the cost of education should not be taken lightly. Countries with the best education systems often set very high fees. In Singapore for example, fees can go up to $30,000 per year. So, make sure that you can afford the cost of education in the specific country you consider.


Work-life balance and career advancement

Positive experience from expats usually go along with a good work-like balance in the country they live in, especially if you want to raise a family there. Expatriation is already a big challenge by itself, so it is important to find spare time for you and your family and friends.

In terms of career, choose a country where the work environment allows you the progression, wage growth and stability you are looking for.


And finally,…Listen to your heart

Sometimes, there are choices that cannot be explained. One of the best advice we can give you is to follow your instinct. There is no wrong choice, even if your expatriation experience does not go as expected, you will grow from it and you will learn much more that you think!

Visit Decide Where To Expat website to learn more about expatriation!

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