Expatriation and Maternity: what is the cost for a pregnancy in the United Arab Emirates

Expatriation and Maternity: what is the cost for a pregnancy in the United Arab Emirates

12 June 2023 Health

Name me a more beautiful event than giving birth! Your expatriation is going wonderfully well and you are now going to experience the joys of expat motherhood. From the first ultrasounds to the delivery and postnatal follow-up, what is the cost of maternity in the United Arab Emirates? Let’s dig into the subject together!

What are the costs of a maternity abroad?

The test is positive, the battlefield begins! Back and forth to the gynecologist, doctor or midwife, choice of hospital or clinic, as you can imagine, giving birth is not easy!

The costs of your pregnancy in expatriation depend on several factors:

  • Is this a first pregnancy?
  • Is the pregnancy classic or multiple?
  • How many appointments are necessary with health professionals during your maternity abroad? What are their hourly / daily rates?
  • Does the social security system of the country of expatriation cover maternity?
  • Do you have a mutual insurance or an international insurance for expats?
  • Do you choose a public hospital or a clinic?
  • Do you choose an epidural or not?
  • Is your room single or shared?
  • Are there any complications for the baby or the mother during or after the delivery?

Unfortunately, the costs of an expat pregnancy will increase dramatically in the case of pre- and post-natal complications and the birth of a premature child. According to a study conducted in 2021 in the private sector, the price of childbirth abroad is lowest in Luxembourg (2255 euros), France (2400 euros), the Netherlands (2590 euros) and Japan (more than 3000 euros).

On the other hand, it is very expensive in Hong Kong (12,000 euros), the United Kingdom (14,260 euros) and the United States (from 14,000 euros).

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Expatriation to the UAE and the cost of maternity

As we have listed in the previous paragraph, giving birth while abroad will depend mainly on the choice of a public or private hospital. The latter often offer a “maternity package” which includes prenatal appointments, cesarean section or traditional delivery. Also, it is forbidden to give birth at home in the UAE.

Expect to pay between 4,000 and 8,000 AED (900 to 2,000 euros) for a full maternity ward from prenatal services to traditional childbirth.

For the private clinic, it depends strongly on the clinic and its reputation but the rates are multiplied by two or three: between 12000 and 22000 AED or 3000 to 5500 euros.

If we detail the two main steps:

  • The prenatal package including the medical visit, prenatal care and prenatal ultrasound costs about AED 4,000 for a public hospital and more around AED 6,000 in a private hospital.
  • The second stage, the delivery and birth ranges from AED 7,000 in a public hospital and AED 13,000 in a private hospital. In case of a caesarean section, you can add AED 10,000 to this price.
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What about nationality?

Does giving birth to a child in the United Arab Emirates confer nationality? The answer is no for foreign parents! The Emirati nationality for the child is acquired in three ways :

  • By law :
    • If the father of the child is a full citizen of the United Arab Emirates;
    • If the mother is a citizen by right and whose parentage with her father is not justified;
    • If the mother of the newborn child is a citizen by right or of an unknown father or without nationality;
    • Or if the child is born in the UAE without known parents.

  • By naturalization
    • For foreigners, other than Arabs, by residing continuously and legally in the emirates for a period of at least 30 years and having spent at least 20 years after the date of entry into force of the law, by mastering Arabic and having a legal source of income and without conviction for an offence.

The role of international expat insurance and pregnancy

Are you planning to have a child while abroad? Make sure you take out insurance well before the beginning of your pregnancy. Most expat insurers have a waiting period of 8 months to two years between the start date of the policy and the start date of coverage for maternity-related expenses. At Foyer Global Health, the mandatory waiting period is ten months. Our “Special” and “Exclusive” health coverage plans include reimbursement for pregnancy and maternity related expenses.

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