Coverage limit in International Health Insurance plans

Coverage limit in International Health Insurance plans

15 May 2020 Insurance

Following our latest article on insurance deductibles, we want to shed light on one of the most important topics of insurance: benefits limits (aka coverage limits). Cover limit is a common thing in insurance, however they are often linked to different conditions. Should you be searching for the most suited international health insurance cover with best value for money, then we cannot encourage you enough to pay close attention to coverage limits.

Definition of a coverage limit

The coverage limit of an insurance policy means the maximum amount of money the insurer will be willing to pay out for a covered claim. Once this limit is reached, the insured must pay all health expenses for the rest of the contract duration. Usually, the more comprehensive you plan is, the higher benefit limits are. But it is unfortunately not always that simple.

Different types of limits

The first important limit is the annual limit. According to the general definition of a limit, the annual limit will define how much the insurance will pay out for one year of enrolment. Limits are expressed in dollars/euros, or number of visits to a health care provider. Once the limits is reached,  all exceeding costs will be paid by the insurer until the end of the enrolment.

The lifetime limit follows the same logic, however, there is no time limit, meaning that the insurance company would spend for the covered benefits the entire time of enrolment (which can be lifetime in some occasions).

Please note that annual limits apply to most health insurance plans. Make sure to have the right information about the overall limit before contracting. Do not be scared to ask clarifications.

Limits in health plans

Health insurance policies cover different types of treatments and conditions, which means that there are basically multiple coverage limits in one policy. Your policy could then have an annual limit along with sublimits for a specific covered service.

Please also bear in mind that certain treatments can be grouped into a single category (for example all dental treatments) which itself is subject to an annual limit. If, during the duration of your enrolment, you get multiple dental treatments – for instance, general and major ones-, you might find yourself responsible for the exceeding expenses should the combined annual limit for dental treatments be reached.

What are my coverage limits with a Foyer Global Health plan

For the benefits of our clients, we decided to apply no overall limits to all our insurance plans. This means that there are no such thing for us as annual limits or lifetime limit. We pride ourselves to provide full transparency to all expats we insure, without any hidden limits.

We give you exhaustively all the sublimits that are applied to our different services. You can find all our coverage limits of each plan in the comparison table. They are either expressed as a maximum amount per lifetime/day or maximum number of sessions.

To cut long story short, for as long as no indication of coverage limits are applied to a specific covered treatment, there is simply no limit for the specific treatment. Along with limits, you will also find all the necessary information about waiting periods, which apply to treatments during which the insured is not covered.

If you have questions about Foyer Global Health policies, please do not hesitate to contact us, or read our expats blog articles related to all you should know about insurance jargon, or more specifically about the moratorium clause or medical assistance.

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