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Expat life

  • Which country should I live in?
    • 18 June 2021
    • Expat life
      Which important aspects should I consider before moving in?   Moving abroad implies many things to prepare and think of: job, finance, well-being, work-life balance, life conditions, homesickness… And above all of this, it is not an easy task to determine in which country you would like to settle in, especially if you plan […]
  • The story about my travel to the Netherlands – Goodbye Germany!
    • 20 November 2020
    • Expat life
    Who doesn’t dream of moving abroad? Diana, a German girl who expatriates in the Netherlands, shares with us her experience and how she felt about this whole change in her life during the time of the coronavirus.   During my childhood, I loved adventure and travelling. But who would have thought that the Netherlands would […]
  • Top places you must visit in Singapore
    • 10 September 2020
    • Expat life
      Singapore is one of the cities that attracts the largest number of visitors and expatriates. Combining both modernity and the unexpected, there are so many things to discover in Singapore, both in the city centre and in its surroundings. Thanks to Lea’s precious advice, a young French expatriate in the City of the Lion, […]
  • Panorama of the residential markets in Europe: key figures
    • 19 August 2020
    • Expat life
    Property purchase when on assignment in a foreign location is a possibility. Before considering such an investment, one should know in which city to invest this year. To give you an overview of the real estate market in Europe in 2020, we have looked at the average housing price evolution in some of the most […]
  • The impact of coronavirus on your expatriation
    • 24 July 2020
    • Coronavirus
    • Expat life
    • News
      Many of you were directly impacted by the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus. It has also greatly impacted expatriate departure decisions which were in many cases postponed or cancelled. We will hereby provide an overview of the direct and indirect consequences that the quarantine measures had on a significant number of projects. […]
  • Co-living, an attractive housing alternative for expats
    • 10 July 2020
    • Expat life
    • Lifestyle
      Co-living is becoming more and more popular among the expat community. By offering affordable houses for individuals, co-living is undoubtedly an effective solution to the housing crisis. You might have already experienced living at the dormitory as a university student; co-living is not much different. Nevertheless, co-living emphasises shared values and community rather than […]
  • Vaccination: preventing health problems before going abroad
    • 16 June 2020
    • Expat life
    • Health
      First, it is important to remember that vaccines can save lives, every second and everywhere in the world. Moving to a foreign country is often an opportunity to review your immunization record and any reminders you may need to make. The objective of this article is to answer the most frequently asked questions related […]
  • 10 Mobile Applications that every Expatriate must have
    • 03 June 2020
    • Expat life
      With expatriation, one is quickly confronted with many difficulties related to distance, the unknown and simply the new environment in which one now lives. Thanks to digital technology, it is now possible to overcome these difficulties by using mobile applications, designed for each of your needs. We have listed 10 indispensable applications for expatriates […]
  • How to best manage your budget when you are going abroad?
    • 12 May 2020
    • Expat life
      Moving abroad will impact your financial situation. A lot of expats are stressed about the financial risks of living in another country. Planning your budget ahead will save you from insecurity in your new country of residence and make you feel more confident on how to manage your life abroad. Step 1: Define the […]
  • 5 Ways to cope with Expat Homesickness
    • 28 April 2020
    • Expat life
      What does homesickness mean? According to Fisher and Hood (1987), homesickness is described as “a complex cognitive motivational emotional state concerned with grieving for and being preoccupied with thoughts of home.” This is indeed a strong, complex, feeling as so many negative emotions are associated with homesickness: anxiety, stress, insecurity, loneliness, etc. It can […]