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Expat and Partner of your Health Insurer

From Expat to Ambassador of Foyer Global Health

Join our sponsorship programme

You are an expatriate and have a network of contacts in your country of expatriation? Your family, friends or colleagues are looking for a trusted international health insurer and you would like to give them a helping hand?

Thanks to our sponsorship system, you can sponsor someone you know and receive an interesting remuneration!

What do we offer

Our expertise in international health insurance
International pure player and market leader in Luxembourg

An extra income easily
Receive money simply by recommending our health insurance

Personalized advice
We take the time to answer your questions and advise your referral

High quality services
Guaranteed competitive products and quality customer service

How to sponsor Foyer Global Health when you are an expatriate individual?

If you are an individual living abroad and know people who are interested in international health insurance, you can take advantage of our sponsorship offer and recommend Foyer Global Health insurance plans.
To do so, simply contact our sales team who will guide you and explain the sponsorship process on +352437434256 or via email at

If you are a professional interested in our affiliate programme, please visit our dedicated page.