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International Health Insurance for Expats in Spain

Discover our health insurance policies specifically designed for expats in Spain

Foyer Global Health covers expats and foreigners in Spain looking for comprehensive medical coverage that covers you not only on the Spanish territory but also all over the world.

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Warm and sunny, Spain is a country that attracts foreigners from all over the world. Some of them do not even come back to their home country because of the good quality of life! It is indeed an ideal destination for either short stays or long term expatriation. When it comes to health, we  give you some details about the health system in Spain so that you can live your stay as smoothly as possible!

Understanding the public health system in Spain

The Spanish public health system, called Insalud (Instituto Nacional de Gestion Sanitaria) or SNS (Sistema nacional de salud), is universal and accessible to all. It is financed by taxes, every citizen contributes to have access to it with their family.

Public health insurance is very popular in Spain, as it is one of the cheapest and most efficient in Europe. The network of hospitals and medical centers is well developed throughout the country. Please just note that the choice of doctor is imposed by the Centre de Salud (public health care center).

What does Spanish public health insurance cover and who can be covered?

Like most public health systems in Europe, coverage mainly applies for consultations with public sector doctors, treatments in public hsopitals and outpatient medication. Dental and optical care are only marginally covered.

If you work in Spain and are registered with the Spanish Social Security, you entitled to public health insurance and the contribution is compulsory.

If you are not employed and do not contribute, there is a one-year waiting period before you can benefit from the public health insurance. In this case, it is recommended to be affiliated to a local or international private health insurance, or expat health insurance. An alternative exists for retirees (convenio especial).

What about private health insurance in Spain?

In recent years, private health insurance in Spain has been gaining ground in Spain. It allows you to be reimbursed for consultations with doctors or specialists who do not work in the public sector. Taking out private health insurance mainly allows you to reduce the waiting time for a consultation and to be better reimbursed for dental and optical care. It can act as a complementary insurance in addition to social security.

If you are an expat, travel often to other countries and are looking for the security of a complete coverage, then expat healthcare in Spain is a solution to consider.

Foyer Global Health covers your health in Spain

If you are relocating to Spain, Foyer Global Health offers the perfect health insurance for your life plans. Our high-quality coverage covers you in Spain and around the world. It is effective from the first euro, and no complementary health insurance is necessary thanks to its wide scope of benefits.

Our offer is based on three different levels of coverage. To find out the cost of your insurance, get a free quote here.