International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Malta

International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Malta

Discover our health insurance policies specifically designed for expats in Malta

Foyer Global Health covers expats’ health in Malta who are seeking for a private health insurance solution tailored to their needs.

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Are you all set to settle at the very heart of the Mediterranean? The Maltese archipelago offers a brilliant and new way of life: you’ll be able to thrive professionally while basking in the sun and contemplating splendid scenery. The cosmopolitan ‘mosaic island’ has a booming job market; an increasing number of foreign companies are relocating there, especially in the international trade and e-gaming industries.

Malta also boasts one of the oldest and most successful health systems in Europe, with high-quality services in both the public and the private sectors. Many expatriates opt for international private health insurance simply because it is available at any time and without delay.

Malta’s healthcare system

The Maltese healthcare system has a long-established and solid reputation. Centralized, universal and financed by general income taxes, it relies on solid public and private infrastructure, modern medical equipment and efficient health professionals.

Healthcare services (i.e., primary, secondary, tertiary and cosmetic procedures) are delivered in various medical establishments. Patients receive care in public medical centres, private practices, public hospitals (such as the Mater Dei Hospital, Malta’s largest hospital located in Msida), as well as private healthcare facilities (such as Saint James Hospital, the island’s oldest medical institution).

The Health Centres, however, are the hub of Malta’s public primary healthcare services – this includes treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation. In case of emergency (or not), you can go to a Health Centre to consult a general practitioner (GP) who almost always also has his own private practice. In fact, the private and public health sectors operate independently, yet in complementary ways.

Patients can freely choose their GP or specialist in both the public and private sectors; there is no compulsory registration. You will have no problem finding one: there are many on the island!

International private health insurance is key to your peace of mind!

Do you have the world as your horizon and Malta as your next destination? Whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur or a freelancer, you will, most definitely, need comprehensive health coverage tailored to both your lifestyle and career. And most of all, your health insurance should bring you peace of mind.

Many expatriates who settle in Malta for an indefinite period choose to complement the Maltese public health insurance with a private international health insurance in order to get holistic health coverage, both locally and globally. In fact, international private health insurance is mostly a matter of simplicity.

And here’s why you should go for Foyer Global Health specifically…

Foyer Global Health gives you optimal health coverage in Malta and across the globe

We offer you various international health insurance plans, depending on your profile and your expatriation projects. Specifically designed for the expat community, our health coverage solutions will surely match your expectations.

With Foyer Global Health, you get:

  • Health coverage from the beginning of your expatriation journey
  • International health insurance compatible with all medical practitioners and institutions in Malta
  • No payment in advance in case of hospitalization
  • Fast reimbursement of medical fees
  • An end-to-end digital experience that simplifies the procedures abroad
  • 24/7 telemedicine services and emergency medical assistance
  • Fast access to the healthcare professionals of your choice
  • Effective health coverage from the 1st euro you spend
  • Worldwide health coverage

What about Maltese public health insurance?

The Maltese public health system covers all residents regardless of their income, origin, or employment status. As soon as you are working in Malta, you are obliged to contribute to the social security system (up to 10 % of your income). You are then covered by the public health insurance scheme, which gives you free access to services including:

  • Primary healthcare
  • Healthcare provided by medical specialists
  • Hospitalization
  • Drugs
  • Emergency care
  • Nursing care

Unlike in other European countries, there is no co-payment for Maltese health services.

If you choose to go to a private doctor, clinic or hospital, all your medical costs won’t be fully covered by the public health insurance and, if you haven’t subscribed to private international health insurance, you will have to pay for all medical expenses.

Foyer Global Health gives you peace of mind in Malta, your home country and across the world! Our experts will help you find the best international health coverage plan that will protect you wherever you are.