Expert talk #4: Roxane, Team Manager Claims

Expert talk #4: Roxane, Team Manager Claims

20 February 2023 News

Welcome to Roxane, Team Manager Claims at Foyer Global Health. We are proud to collect the first testimonial of a team manager, we hope that this interview will inspire some of you!

Hello Roxane, can you explain us your background?

Hello everybody, my name is Roxane, I did my studies in Germany, a Bachelor in Media and Communication Management. In 2015, I started at Foyer, and in 2018, I changed to Foyer Global Health.

What are the different positions you held at Foyer Global Health?

In 2018 I started as a Claims Processor, and in 2022 I became the Team Manager Claims.

Today you are team leader of the Claims Team; you have both managerial and operational roles at the same, how do you manage that?

At the beginning it was hard to find the balance because everything is important, but after an adjustment period and very good support from my supervisor, I was able to find my way. It is important to always have an overview of the whole situation and to try to keep a clear head even in stressful situations.

In your opinion, what are the most important values to demonstrate as a team manager?

There are many ways to lead a team, and I think it is a crucial point to respect different characters in a team and to act accordingly. Empathy plays a big role of course, the possibility for everyone to express themselves, and for everyone to feel comfortable in the team, and to achieve the goals together.

What is the greatest strength of the Claims Team?

Without hesitation: teamwork!

As one of the core functions of health insurance company, what are the main challenges you face and how do you deal with them?

Maintaining a balance between client-friendliness, fast turnaround, and high quality, sometimes with complex cases. And to give the clients the certainty that you are not just a number, but that you stand behind the client.

The team members have different backgrounds, how do you manage the cultural differences?

With empathy and listening to the people, also in the team nobody should be just a number.

What are the main skills needed to join the Claims Team?

I would say that you should be stress resistant, a multitasker, multilingual, a quick learner and customer related.

What would you say to a candidate interested in joining Foyer Global Health?

We are a young, motivated company that is growing fast, and has great ambitions and expectations. Also, outside the teams we help each other, and cooperation and transparency are a must.

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