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Personalised health cover to fit your needs

You are leaving home to work in a foreign country and will deep dive into a new and exciting environment. You will experience a new culture with perhaps a language you do not speak, taste unkown dishes and see wonderful things. This can however also come with some stress and have an impact on your health...

But don't worry we are by your side...As part of our excellent international health insurance cover that will take away your worry on affordability, our products also entail all medical assistance service to help you to find a provider in your area.

You want to cover the unexpected...

ESSENTIAL is a package that has been designed to fit your needs. It offers you full basic insurance cover for securing medically necessary treatment or organising major cost items such as inpatient and outpatient treatments. Ancillary services such as home nursing or domestic help are excluded.

You want to be sure everything is covered...

Our SPECIAL plan offers full insurance cover, including extra benefits such as corrective lenses and preventive medical check-ups. It also takes into account other medical and non- medical services in addition to covering the major cost items., the SPECIAL plan is the right choice.

If you are looking for a maximum service level and have high expectations with the organisation of your medical care, EXCLUSIVE is the right choice for you.

With EXCLUSIVE, Foyer Global Health has designed a comprehensive insurance cover for expats.

Which medical coverage is the best for you?

6 simple questions to help us guide you to the best global health plan for you:

  • Marisol Gonzalez - Russia

    It is important to feel you are being taken care of!

    When I first arrived in Russia, it was not only the language that created a barrier. It was the entire healthcare system that was different from what I knew back home. Social media and the expat community helped a lot. But of course, ultimately you need to be sure your health coverage plan is the one you really need. In the end, it worked all out for me.

    Discover my story