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Personalised health insurance to fit your needs of expat

Be protected for the unexpected while staying in country with an adequate healthcare infrastructure.

We have the right product for you

ESSENTIAL is a package that has been designed to fits your needs. It offers you full basic insurance cover for securing medically necessary treatment or organising major cost items such as inpatient and outpatient treatments. Ancillary services such as home nursing or domestic help are excluded.

Here today, there tomorrow - moving from country to country?

Unsure about affordability and infrastructure of healthcare at your destination?

Our SPECIAL plan offers full insurance cover, including extra benefits such as corrective lenses and preventive medical check-ups. It also takes into account other medical and non- medical services in addition to covering the major cost items., the SPECIAL plan is the right choice.

Going to the US, Japan, Singapore or any other country with high healthcare costs?

With EXCLUSIVE, Foyer Global Health has designed a comprehensive insurance cover for expats.

Which medical coverage is the best for you?

6 simple questions to help us guide you to the best global health plan for you: