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The Expat Insurance tailored to your needs

Each individual situation requires and individual solution: Personalise your expat insurance to fit your needs.

Moving on with you

Travel insurance or a domestic healthcare plan will just not do it!

Make sure you have the right partner by your side…

Your situation is special, we are the right expat health insurance specialist by your side to cover you through your expatriate adventure. We will provide you with the right coverage, tailored to your needs.


From Expats for Expats

We understand your needs as globally mobile person...

When you are staying in a country there are always situations where you feel lost. It can be the language it can be the fact that you don’t know you’re way around the local healthcare environment. But don’t worry we know these situations and can relate to them. We will emphatically support you in these matters.

When it comes to moving abroad...

We know that one size does not fit all...

Regardless whether you going abroad for a few months or severall years, regardless whether you will stay in one country or will be travelling the world…Your cover will move on with you and protect you during the whole time abroad without any restrictions on time and location.

Quick and efficient anywhere in the world

Feel at home wherever you are

All our services are specifically designed to support you during your stay abroad. With easy access to your personal online portal, our excellent emergency assistance service as well as our access to health care providers and world renouwned medical experts you will never be alone abroad


Travelling alone or with the whole family: tailor your best medical insurance

Travel insurance is just not good enough, because it falls short in many situations which can lead to having to self-fund your own treatment or puts – YOU – at risk being without medical care and services you need. Furthermore travel insurance will not cover you for your routine day to day doctors visits while staying abroad.

Leaving home to work or travel for yourself in a foreign country is one thing. Leaving home with your – FAMILY – for an extended period of time is a completely different story. The number of questions you face are exponential. It takes a lot of energy and the presence of strong local partners to get everything right. Including international health insurance for you and your family.

Hopping abroad briefly for less than a year?

Personalise your expat insurance to fit the duration of your moving
Here today, there tomorrow - moving from country to country? We have the right plan tailord to YOUR situation