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International Health Insurance Plans

Insurance benefits and services meeting your needs when abroad.

You are guaranteed to find the right product from among our health insurance range...

…no matter whether you are planning a shorter or a longer stay abroad, whether you travel alone or with your family and regardless of your future country of residence.

Our main International Health insurance Plans

The right health insurance cover to suit your need in your expat experience

If you require medical assistance or treatment only in case of illness or emergency discover our  – ESSENTIAL – plan.  Seeking peace of mind in any situation have look at our comprehensive – SPECIAL – plan. For best in class cover our – EXCLUSIVE – plan is the right choice for you!

Our short-term plan

The right insurance cover for a short stay abroad

You are preparing a stay abroad, then the time to think about your international health insurance cover is now. Our – PROTECT – is the right answer if you are looking for comprehensive cover for unexpected medical events including assistance and even large medical bills.

Our plan for EU officials

The right insurance cover to top up the JSIS

You are affiliated to the JSIS, and looking for an excellent top-up plan.  Our EU HEALTH can fill the gap! Futhermore, it offers you a comprehensive coverage for all your medical needs, combined with outstanding assistance services abroad.