International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Mexico

International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Mexico

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Mexico is a colorful country with an excellent reputation among expats worldwide. And with good reason: in 2023, Mexico was named best country for expats by InterNations. Always in the top 5 of this ranking, the famous Central American country is a preferred meeting point for digital nomads and freelancers, who may have fallen in love with it on their return from a trip or simply after hearing about it through their network.
It offers its citizens a satisfactory healthcare system, with quality coverage comparable to that of other Latin countries such as Costa Rica and Panama.

The public health system: IMSS and ISSTE

The IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) and the ISSTE (Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado) are the two main social security institutions in Mexico, each with a different operation and audience.

As an expat, your affiliation to one of these schemes will essentially depend on your status. It is compulsory for all employees.

  • If you are already a permanent resident of Mexico, you will be covered by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), which insures workers in the private sector. Social security contributions are similar to those paid in France, i.e. on a monthly basis, deducted from your salary (around 10%).
  • If you are a recent expat on a temporary residence visa, you can join the Social Security Institute and social services for civil servants (ISSTE), just like public sector workers.

The benefits covered by health insurance include routine care, hospitalization, surgery and prescriptions for drugs issued by public health establishments. When you enroll, you will be assigned an attending physician (note that you will not be able to choose or change this doctor).

Medical care in Mexico

Cost of a consultation or hospitalization

The average cost of a visit to a general practitioner is around 20 euros. It is also possible to consult a doctor at a pharmacy. Consultations with specialists in the private sector are more expensive, and can easily cost up to €120, depending on the medical specialty. As for hospitalization, a day in a private hospital can cost around €1,000 on average. Finally, repatriation to your home country obviously varies according to the type of transport, the level of care and the distance involved. To a European country, a minimum of €15,000 is required.

It’s also worth noting that advance payment for hospitalization is commonplace in Mexico. Patients generally have to pay for their treatment directly to the medical center. With private health insurance, you won’t have to worry about this.

Quality of care

Getting medical care in Mexico is not a particular concern, as doctors generally meet the expectations of both local and foreign patients. However, it is important to bear in mind that access to care and its quality are not equal throughout the country. Establishments are frequently overcrowded, with a lack of staff and equipment, especially in rural areas and public hospitals.

 To avoid the inconveniences of the public sector, many locals and expats alike opt for private clinics. Among the best hospitals in the country are the General Hospital in Mexico City, or the Galénia Hospital and the American Hospital in Cancun. These facilities are staffed by qualified, internationally-trained nurses and equipped with modern medical facilities, guaranteeing top-quality care. Maternity, dental care, ophthalmology, psychology, cardiology and any other needs that may arise during an expat experience can be met.

Medical tourism by patients from abroad is common in Mexico, particularly for costly dental treatments such as implants. The service and care provided are more cost-effective than in other countries, which explains the influx of European and international visitors to Mexico City’s specialized clinics.

Subscribing to an international health insurance for better coverage

Being covered by Mexico’s compulsory health insurance does not give you full health security. The aforementioned weaknesses of the health system are often a hindrance to expats who, outside their country of origin, want peace of mind when it comes to their health and to be well covered for the duration of their stay. While travel insurance may suffice for a tourist stay, such policies do not cover healthcare and lack the guarantees you may need for a long-term expatriation.

Foyer Global Health insures you in Mexico and around the world

If you’re looking for a comprehensive private health insurance that can be customized to your own needs, Foyer Global Health certainly has the solution for you. Specialized in health insurance for expats, we offer different levels of coverage, from the most basic to the most high-end, to enable you to make the most of your expat life in Mexico. If you are already affiliated to the CFE, our insurance is complementary to it.

Here are a few of the benefits we offer:

  • Worldwide coverage at competitive rates, from the first euro
  • Access to all medical providers, doctors and hospitals in Mexico and the rest of the world
  • Medical services at no extra cost for the entire family, such as teleconsultation