International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Hong Kong

International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Hong Kong

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Foyer Global Health covers expats’ health in Hong Kong who are seeking for a private health insurance solution tailored to their needs.

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Don’t let its tiny size fool you: legendary Hong Kong may look like a piece of confetti on the world map, but it is nevertheless a global economic powerhouse. For hundreds of thousands of expatriates, mainland China’s richest city, is the quintessential land of opportunity. And, hidden behind the skyscrapers of this multicultural metropolis, are incredible natural landscapes that will leave you just as much in awe as its colourful and lively streets.

So, what about healthcare in Hong Kong? Foyer Global Health has a short guide for you to better understand how the Hong Kong healthcare system works and why private international health insurance is the best solution for expatriates in Hong Kong.

Healthcare in Hong Kong

Inspired by the British National Health System, Hong Kong’s public healthcare system is centralised, promotes universal access to healthcare and is virtually free of charge inside public health institutions. Just like Singapore, one of the other four Asian tigers, Hong Kong ranks at among the world’s best healthcare systems in terms of the quality and efficiency of its medical services.

Hong Kong residents rely on a strong network of public and private medical facilities. While most hospital services (including long-term treatments) are provided by the public sector, private medical institutions are in charge of a large portion of out-patient medical services. Most of the twelve private health facilities provide only primary and secondary care, while public hospitals provide primary, secondary and tertiary care.

Modern and traditional Chinese medicine

In Hong Kong, modern medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are often used harmoniously. Several public hospitals and clinics offer ancestral TCM treatments such as acupuncture or moxibustion. Regulated by state authorities, TCM is not considered as an ‘alternative’ medicine, but as truly complementary to modern medical care. Numerous Hong Kong pharmacies sell both modern drugs and herbal remedies prescribed by TCM practitioners.

Public healthcare

The public health system is heavily subsidised by the government so that patients holding a Hong Kong passport, or a resident card can reap the benefits for a nominal fee. However, without a local ID card, patients cannot access public health services at subsidised rates. In addition to this, the public healthcare scheme does not include dental care.

Numerous patients from mainland China are using Hong Kong’s public medical facilities because of the quality of its services, especially for emergency and maternity care. Nonetheless, Hong Kong’s public hospital system suffers from the same flaws as its international counterparts, namely: overcrowding, long waiting times, and medical staff shortages. These shortcomings are counterbalanced by the efficiency of its private health system that offers fast and personalised care.

Private health care

It is a well-known fact that Hong Kong’s private healthcare system is more efficient than the public one. The private system guarantees quick access to medical services, while ensuring your privacy and comfort are at the forefront of medical staff’s concerns. You can also expect to be given access to high-end and modern hospital rooms.

This added value comes at a price. Hong Kong’s private health sector is one of the most expensive in the world, just behind the United States. However, the price of a medical consultation or daily rates for hospitalization can vary considerably from one health facility to another. A GP visit may cost between €70 and €100; yet the price of a private room can escalate to thousands of euros per day. In other words, getting adequate medical treatment without private health insurance can quickly become a major source of concern for expatriates…

Foyer Global Health brings the peace of mind your health deserves!

Covering expatriates’ health with flexibility, efficiency, and peace of mind: that’s Foyer Global Health’s mission. So, whatever your horizons, your career path, and your aspirations as a nomadic worker, we’re right by your side to protect your health.

Being covered by Foyer Global Health: what are the advantages and what is the added value?

  • Our international health insurance plans are tailored to your needs
  • Holistic international health cover, which includes emergency care, optical care, dental care, and maternity care
  • Your international healthcare plan works in Hong Kong as well as in your home country and everywhere else in the world
  • You have access to not only every healthcare facility in Hong Kong, but also across the globe, with no partner network limitations
  • We reimburse your outpatient treatment costs without delay and no advanced payment is required in the case of hospitalisation
  • Multilingual medical assistance is available 24 hours a day, as well as free medical services for expatriates
  • Our offer works from the first euro of you spend on your medical bill

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