International Health insurance for expatriates in Finland

International Health insurance for expatriates in Finland

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Ready to sail to Finland, in the northern reaches of Europe? In the heart of a farandole of forests or an exciting metropolis, the ‘Land of a thousand lakes’ offers an open invitation to discover the mysteries and pleasures of Nordic life.  And when it comes to nature and health, the land of saunas is a rival for Sweden, its Scandinavian neighbour. Here are some keys to help navigate the Finnish healthcare system, with Foyer Global Health always by your side.

A high-quality universal healthcare system accessible to expatriates

Some of the best medical care

In Health at a Glance 2023, the latest OECD report on OECD countries’ health systems, Finland scored above the OECD average in terms of the quality and accessibility of health services. Finnish healthcare infrastructure and services, both public and private, are of very high quality and are accessible throughout the country. However, in the public sector, medical treatment can take a long time, particularly if a specialist is required.

Many expatriates, therefore, opt for the private healthcare sector, where waiting times are much shorter than in the public sector and where the medical staff speaks English (the two national languages are Finnish and Swedish).

A universal system accessible to expatriates

The highly decentralised Finnish healthcare system, managed by Helsinki, the HUS group and the welfare service counties (hyvinvointialueet), relies essentially on public healthcare facilities, which are in the majority, to provide healthcare services to anyone living in the country, including expatriates. Finland’s private healthcare sector supports the public sector by offering complementary services, mainly for outpatient and inpatient services, especially specialist care.

Managed by the Kela (the Finnish social security agency), the national health insurance scheme, which expatriates can join, is part of the Finnish social security system.

In the public sector, primary health care services (medical consultations, vaccinations, dental care, etc.) are provided by municipal health centres (terveysasemat), where nurses play an important role in providing medical care.

Focus: the land of the sauna!

The sauna plays a key role in Finns’ physical and mental health. An integral part of the Finnish way of life, it is believed to be beneficial for all kinds of ailments, from minor colds to deep depression. Give it a try when you feel you are fighting a cold or need an extra boost of energy.

sauna finland

Are expats eligible to join the National Health Insurance Scheme?

To join the national health insurance scheme, you must be resident in a Finnish municipality. As soon as you arrive in Finland, you can apply for National Health Insurance at your local registration office or online. You will then be given a national insurance number and your health insurance card (the Kela card) that you must present at all medical appointments. You will automatically be registered at the health centre nearest to your place of residence.

How much does healthcare cost in Finland?

Although public health services are not completely free, most of the medical fees are covered by Finnish health insurance. The costs are relatively low compared to other European countries. In fact, Finnish healthcare is based on the principle of co-payments. The contribution required from the patient (around 10%) varies from municipality to municipality. Medical expenses are capped both in terms of the number of visits and the amount paid by the patient. For example, a visit to a general practitioner costs €20. You should be aware that if you fail to attend a medical appointment, you will have to pay a lump sum of €50.

Healthcare in the private sector is much more expensive than in the public sector. If you are covered by Finnish health insurance, you will only be entitled to reimbursement of a small proportion of your medical expenses. To ensure comprehensive and flexible health cover, it is preferable to opt for private international health insurance

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