International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Chile

International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Chile

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Are you ready to embark on a new adventure in the world’s longest country? Nestled against the Andes Mountains, Chile has plenty to offer to expats from all corners of the globe. It boasts a high quality of life, promising career opportunities, and hosts one of the continent’s top healthcare systems. Foyer Global Health is here to help you navigate through your healthcare journey in Chile…

Chili’s Healthcare System: Among the Best in Latin America

The Chilean healthcare system is renowned as one of the best in Latin America. The Legatum Prosperity Index ranks it 36th in the world’s best healthcare systems, outperforming countries like Argentina, Uruguay, and Costa Rica. In the 1950s, Chile was among the first countries in Latin America to introduce public healthcare funded through payroll contributions.

In Chile, medical care relies on both public infrastructure (hospitals) and private facilities (clinics). Public health insurance coexists with private health insurance. While the public healthcare system primarily focuses on primary care, the private sector mainly offers specialized healthcare services (secondary and tertiary care). Generally, patients opt for one sector or the other, depending on the healthcare services they need (dental care, maternity care, counselling…).


As a Chilean citizen or country resident, you have the option to choose between public health insurance (FONASA – Fondo Nacional de Salud) and a private local health insurer (ISAPRE – Instituciones de Salud Previsional). Funded partly by payroll contributions, FONASA offers beneficiaries healthcare services for free or at reduced rates only in healthcare facilities registered with FONASA, whether public or private. Private health insurance companies affiliated with the ISAPRE network cover policyholders in private clinics in exchange for contributions determined by various factors, including age and gender. ISAPRE’s benefits depend on the type of contract you choose. It is important to note that individuals covered by ISAPRE must pay full medical fees if they seek treatment at a public medical facility.

In fact, almost 70% of Chileans opt for public health insurance. As an expatriate resident, if you possess a Chilean identity number (RUT/RUN), even if it is temporary, you are eligible for both local private or public healthcare

Quality Healthcare: public and private

Medical services generally meet high standards in both public hospitals and private clinics, particularly in the capital, Santiago. Private clinics excel in shorter waiting times, top-notch medical equipment, and multilingual healthcare staff. The public sector provides reasonably priced care. The quality of services, healthcare costs in private clinics can be substantial, underscoring the importance of obtaining comprehensive health coverage.

There are no major problems to report, either in the public or private sectors, in terms of access and quality of services.

Where to Seek Medical Treatment in Chile?

In Chile, a general practitioners’ role is not as important as in other countries such as the United Kingdom or the USA. You can directly consult a specialist without a general practitioner’s referral, as general practitioners in urban areas typically work in medical centres or hospitals.

Here below is a list of healtcare centres renowned for providing good medical care:

  • Clinica Alemana
  • Clinica Las Condes
  • Hospital Universidad Catolica
  • Clinica Santa Maria
  • Clinica Redsalud Providencia
  • Centro de Cancer Nuestra Senora
  • Clinica Avansalud Bio Bio

NB: Voluntary termination of pregnancy is only permitted in cases involving life-threatening risks to the mother, non-viable foetuses, or rape.

International Health Insurance: your best ally as an expat

In Chile, most expatriates choose private health insurance before their departure for several reasons:

  • The ability to be insured in Chile and worldwide
  • The freedom to choose between public hospitals and private clinics
  • The assurance of substantial coverage for medical expenses, even in the private sector
  • Quick access to top-tier healthcare facilities

Why Foyer Global Health?

  • Covering expatriates’ health is our specialty
  • We offer customized healthcare policies tailored to your profile, your project, and your destination
  • You are totally free to choose your healthcare provider.
  • Your health insurance policy works across borders; it is valid in Chile, your home country and worldwide.
  • We provide coverage for a wide array of healthcare services, including maternity care.
  • ou benefit from a fully digitalized experience with access to experts 24/7.

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