International Health Insurance for expatriate in Luxembourg

International Health Insurance for expatriate in Luxembourg

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Foyer Global Health covers expats’ health in Luxembourg who are seeking for a private health insurance solution tailored to their needs.

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Appearances can be deceiving with its modern infrastructure, flourishing job market, and dynamic economy, Luxembourg may be a small country, but it is particularly attractive to expatriates.

One of its many assets is its efficient healthcare system. According to an OECD study, over 86% of Luxembourg’s citizens are satisfied with their healthcare, compared to the European average of 66.8%.

What are the advantages of this unique healthcare system in Europe? How does Foyer Global Health support expatriates moving to the Grand Duchy? Follow our guide!

A Universal and Egalitarian Healthcare System

Luxembourg’s healthcare system is universal and accessible to the entire population. Health insurance affiliation is mandatory, and every resident must be registered with the  Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale (CCSS).

The National Health Fund (CNS)

The CNS is the main body responsible for reimbursing medical expenses, funded by public funds. To benefit from CNS reimbursement for your healthcare, you must first be registered with the CCSS. You will then receive your CNS card with a unique identifier. The front of the card grants access to healthcare in Luxembourg, while the back serves as the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Healthcare in Luxembourg

Luxembourg residents are fortunate to benefit from high-quality medical services, both outpatient and inpatient. Many cross-border patients from neighboring countries—France, Belgium, and Germany—take advantage of Luxembourg’s excellent healthcare infrastructure. Appointment wait times are also shorter. The reimbursement rate, set at 80% for adults, is significantly higher compared to other countries.

Hospital care

Luxembourg has numerous hospital centers with comprehensive, modern equipment. Some of the country’s best-known hospitals include:

  • Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL)
  • Clinique Bohler and the Robert Schuman hospitals in Kirchberg
  • Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch in Esch
  • Kannerklinik, specializing in pediatrics

General and Outpatient Care

You generally need to pay upfront for visits to general practitioners or specialists, with reimbursement requested later by post. You will receive the refunded amount via bank transfer.

The cost of a general practitioner consultation typically ranges between €50 and €60. For specialist visits, the price varies by specialty. You should expect to pay approximately €38 for a gynecologist, €50 for an ophthalmologist, and €53 for a dermatologist. These fees are slightly higher than in neighboring countries like France. Note that in Luxembourg, there is no system of designated general practitioners; you can choose any healthcare professional you prefer.

The healthcare cost is relatively high in Luxembourg compared to other European countries. French nationals can opt to join the CFE for coverage related to illness, disability, or work accidents, for example. However, since CFE benefits are capped at French standards, this option is not recommended.

Foyer Global Health: Private Health Insurance for Expats in Luxembourg

Foyer Global Health supports expats worldwide and in Luxembourg, offering flexible health insurance tailored to expatriate lifestyles.

Why is private insurance necessary upon your arrival in Luxembourg?

Although Luxembourg’s public health insurance provides extensive coverage, some medical treatments are not reimbursed by the national fund. Therefore, taking out supplementary insurance will be beneficial if you wish to be covered in all situations during your stay.

Taking out private health insurance is particularly crucial for expats upon arrival, as there is a waiting period during which you complete your social security registration and do not yet have your CNS card. During this period, you will not be covered in case of emergencies or any medical treatments.

Foyer Global Health covers expatriates in Luxembourg.

If you would like to enjoy full protection from the moment you arrive in Luxembourg, Foyer Global Health is your ideal health partner. Our flexible health insurance offers coverage in several scenarios:

For Expats in Luxembourg:

  • As an expat employed in Luxembourg, you will automatically be registered with the CCSS and benefit from CNS guarantees. However, not all expats have an active employment contract on their first day in Luxembourg. Some may be job hunting upon arrival. In such cases, the waiting period can extend and easily last several months. Foyer Global Health ensures complete protection during your affiliation with the CNS, covering all family members.
  • Depending on your professional status, such as if you are self-employed, you have the right to choose between the public regime or private insurance. Our health insurance provides access to a higher level of coverage and a wider range of services.
  • If you choose or are affiliated with the CNS, our health insurance can complement it, especially if you plan to travel regularly outside Luxembourg. Our guarantees are more comprehensive than those included in travel insurance.

For Luxembourgers Living Abroad:

  • You may be abroad for a short period, mainly within Europe. However, if you plan to stay abroad for a longer period, you will need more comprehensive supplementary health coverage. This is particularly relevant for Luxembourg students doing internships abroad.

Foyer Global Health is your preferred choice if you are an expat in Luxembourg or a Luxembourg national seeking expatriate health coverage. Among the many advantages we offer:

  • Worldwide coverage in Luxembourg, the rest of the world, and your home country, for you and your family.
  • The ability to consult the healthcare professional and hospital of your choice.
  • No annual coverage limit: we reimburse all medically necessary healthcare services.
  • Unlimited and free access to valuable medical services for expatriates, such as teleconsultation, Second Medical Opinion, and health and wellness coaching

Would you like to learn more about our range of international health insurance? Contact our experts today and receive your free quote!