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Why partner up with us

In a fast growing global health market partnering with us is your key to success

Foyer Global Health

Foyer Group at a glance

Foyer is the leading insurer in Luxembourg, one of the largest international finance centres right in the heart of Europe.

Specialised for many years in national and international insurance solutions for corporate and individual clients. Our customer base today includes more than 100 different nationalities.



Innovative and comprehensive product range with highest standards for security and quality

The right insurance cover to suit their globally mobile needs…

  • No overall plan limit
  • Attractive and competitive pricing
  • No hidden exclusions
  • Access to unique network of best medical minds
  • Taylor-made solutions for corporate clients
  • Customer portal for full online client services

For more information check our insurance products.


Our support for you is personalised!

Defining a new model of partnership…

  • With us you are not just a number
  • We will work with you on finding the right solutions
  • We aim at individual quality communication
  • We take your remarks seriously
  • And of course we offer competitive commission as well as…
  • efficient service for you and your clients to get a competitive edge

Learn more about our support, contact us now!

Support for your online marketing and cost efficient administration

For a hassle free broker experience we designed tools like:

  • Easy full online service for your individual and group clients.
    Such as claims submission, document overview, claims tracking etc.
  • Easy full online service to support your daily work
    Such as transparency of your client base, commission as well as access
    to online application and online secure communication.
    Furthermore we will support you in your online-sales activities.

Know more about our support and services now by contacting us

Foyer Global Health is perfectly tailored to my needs as midsized specialised insurance broker

From the first contact to negotiate and sign the broker agreement up to the day to day work with Foyer Global Health the promise of personalised hassle free support has been kept.

The sales support during the acquisition of new business and the general customer service is perfectly supported by the very helpful online tools.

The cost – benefit relation of the products makes Foyer Global Health for me a trustworthy and reliable partner.


– a German based Broker –

Our digital world for you

Our onlines services are created to make your day to day work as easy as possible enable full focus on consulting your clients

Buying behaviour is rapidly changing. More and more people are buying online. Increase you client base by participating from our knowledge and let us support you in your digital sales activities.

For more information

You would like to receive an offer based on our global health insurance products?
Or do you have questions regarding our products or services?
We are at your disposal to guide you to the best solution for your specific needs.
You can reach us by email at
or under the following number: +352 437 43 4245
  • "It feels good to have the right partner!" Hochleitner Family in China

    Shortly after our arrival in China, our little daughter complained of extreme abdominal pain. We headed directly to the hospital, not knowing what to expect. I contacted the Foyer Global Health emergency hotline, which immediately contacted the hospital and arranged the admittance and the guarantee of payment. Our daughter was then operated on the appendix. The service and the cost handling were completely uncomplicated and smooth.
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