HDI & Foyer Global Health,
Two strong partners join forces

Foyer Global Health, the expat specialist, and HDI Global, leading industrial insurer, are a perfect match in terms of corporate culture, values and first-class products. As part of the distribution of “Corporate Travel”, Foyer Global Health will be responsible for providing cover for corporate clients’ expats in the health insurance module.


For a globally operating company it is very important to fulfill its duty of care in a holistic way. Travelers, short-term assignees and expats are particularly exposed. Dangers such as acute health deterioration, emergency evacuation, security risks or general health insurance benefits are only part of the risks. For a better understanding please read our examples

  • Multilingual
  • Tailormade benefits
  • Innovation is available to commercial and industrial companies
  • Performance
  • Highest quality
  • Specialist in international health insurance

With our offers for international health insurance, you are sure to find the right insurance cover for you. Whether you are planning a short or longer stay abroad, whether you are travelling alone or with your family, and regardless of your future residence.

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Who is Foyer Global Health?

A specialist within an independent family owned company

Foyer, as a family-run company, stands for independence and financial stability. Meeting the solvency capital requirement of 268% is a clear sign of the company’s financial security. As a family-run company, we always take decisions with a focus on the long term and with a view to future generations.

Living internationality

From Expats to Expats

Market leader since 1922 in Luxembourg, Foyer has grown in the EU market and is now active in many EU countries. People from 170 different nations live in Luxembourg, they demand a consistently internationally oriented activity, which is also reflected in our personnel. ” From expats to expats” is everyday life in Foyer.

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company orientation

Company orientation

Reliability and flexibility

Companies, especially large customers, require special solutions adapted to their international orientation. Due to their complex internal structures, our corporate customers usually have processes that also need to be mapped by their insurance partner. Registrations and deregistrations, cost centres and entities, tailor made products… Foyer is used to offer this flexibility to its customers.

Best-of-class products

Tailor-made on request

Companies must take their duty of care seriously and want to offer their expatriates first-class protection. Foyer’s product range offers a balance between budget and performance requirements for numerous situations. Based on Foyer’s knowledge of the market, our products offer coordinated service catalogues that can be individually adapted to the needs, if required.

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Our corporate values


Innovation, the driving force

Every successful company is faced with the challenge of constantly changing and facing the changes in the market. Especially the changes in communication and customer expectations represent high challenges. From its foundation, Foyer Global Health has aligned itself to these challenges and has adapted its ecosystem accordingly. As an international health insurance company, however, it is particularly important to be in direct contact with our customers. Therefore, for Foyer Global Health, personal contact is part of our conviction, and digitization, as far as it is expected by the customer. We provide a customer-friendly portal to handle all business transactions for human resources departments as well as for expatriates to speed up customer service, and personal service without a call center mentality.

Performance at a fair price

To provide the customer with the certainty that he has chosen the right product at the right price is our primary goal when selling. In the foreground is the solution for the customer, tailor-made if required. The required premium is worked out and discussed in transparency, together with the customer. From the first moment on, partnership is the guiding principle for the cooperation.

highest quality

Highest quality as a demand on our actions

Especially with health insurance, customers want to be able to rely on the coverage. Foyer Global Health has set itself the task of bringing clarity and transparency to the conditions. No difficult to understand regulations with hidden deductibles and reimbursement limits. Simple, digitally supported processes allow the processing and reimbursement of benefits in defined, standardized time periods.

Operating Model centrally close to the customer

Central model for good reason. The world is big and our customers are everywhere. It is therefore understandable to assume that a “regional” office would be an advantage. At second glance, however, it becomes clear that a regional office would still not be personally available for 99% of clients, as the distances would simply be too far. Foyer Global Health has therefore opted for a centralized model to pool expertise and provide clients with the support they need through digital solutions. Customer portal, app, social media, chat are the ways in which they can communicate with us at any time.

client centricity