International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Poland

International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Poland

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Located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, Poland is a still unknown country of Eastern Europe. The language barrier is feared, the weather is not known to be particularly mild. Living in Poland, however, proves to be an enriching experience for expatriates who put their suitcases there. The country is developing more and more while keeping its cultural and traditional identity, offering everything you need for a serene and active expat life. Despite this constant growth, the Polish health system is nevertheless considered to lagging behind the European average, behind Switzerland or the Netherlands.

The importance of private health insurance in Poland

The health system in Poland is universal and compulsory for certain occupational categories.  While it includes access to several medical services, hospitals and health centres, waiting times are very long (up to several years sometimes!)  and frequent delays.

Therefore, most foreigners living in Poland choose to combine their basic health coverage with private health insurance or supplementary health insurance. The locals choose to carry out their most expensive care in private hospitals where the quality of services is better and the deadlines shorter. However, as wage levels remain modest in Poland and prices in the private sector can be very expensive, a less privileged part of the population is forced to give up care for financial reasons.

Choosing good health insurance is therefore essential to benefit from the best possible coverage.

For expats, international health insurance is the best solution

Choosing an international health insurance for expatriates is the guarantee of having a complete solution to cover all your medical expenses abroad, at a good value for money.

At Foyer Global Health, we will ensure that your coverage plan is fully consistent with your needs and situation in Poland. Every insured or family member will be able to choose between our different levels of coverage. No need for mutual or complementary health, our insurance reimburses and advances your costs from the first euro.

Thanks to our international license, we allow the reimbursement of your expenses at all specialists, hospitals and clinics in Poland, as well as medical visits in your country of origin or in another foreign country. Our 100% digital course is designed to protect you 24/7 and allow you to carry out your refund procedures from your country of expatriation, at any time.

Finally, we give you access to completely free medical services, such as teleconsultation or second medical advice, which will facilitate daily life and save you from spending additional costs at a doctor’s in Poland.

Your rights to universal health coverage in Poland

By becoming a resident of Poland, you will have access to the public health system, either voluntarily or on a mandatory basis:

Public health insurance is open to all. It provides access to free health care in establishments registered with the National Health Fund (NFZ). The family of insured persons (partner, children, parents if living in the same household) enjoy the same rights once registered.

  • For people with an employment contract or an economic activity, and unemployed people are compulsorily covered by the universal health coverage scheme.
  • Retirees, people with an order or agency contract are considered volunteers to the public health insurance.

The employer (or university for students) is required to register the employee with health insurance. For self-employed workers, the application must be made by the applicant. You can receive a certificate of rights online by providing your PESEL social security id.

Once registered with health insurance, you are covered in case of emergency, primary care and major care, in health facilities affiliated with the NFZ:

  • General and specialized medicine
  • Hospital and nursing treatment
  • Dental
  • First aid and medical transport
  • Pharmaceutical care

The medicines are partly reimbursed, they are reimbursed entirely within the framework of hospital care.

In conclusion, access to public health in Poland is therefore flexible and requires few requirements. Unfortunately, the health system is inefficient, and the quality of care varies significantly between large and country cities. Faced with the revolt of striking interns, the NFZ  increases its budget in 2021  by 2 million euros. The goal: to improve the quality of care and reduce waiting times.

Foyer Global Health guarantees you safety and tranquility during your stay in Poland. Do not hesitate to contact our expatriate insurance experts if you want more information or simulate a quote now for free.