International health insurance for expatriates in Norway

International health insurance for expatriates in Norway

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Are you ready to head north to start your new life in Scandinavia? With its breathtaking scenery, thriving  cities and excellent quality of life, Norway has a lot to offer expats. And when it comes to health, the Land of fjords rivals its Swedish neighbour. Foyer Global Health offers advice to help you navigate the healthcare system before you arrive.

How does the Norwegian healthcare system work?

Semi-decentralised and state-funded, the Norwegian public health system is accessible to all residents, regardless of their income. Through Norways’ municipalities, the healthcare system provides high-quality health services, particularly primary care, supported by a solid health infrastructure and highly qualified professionals.

With the wide availability of general practitioners and easy access to primary care, the Norwegian healthcare system is considered one of the most accessible in the world. In fact, general practice is the gateway to all health services in Norway. Patients must first consult their GP before accessing specialist care. Access to specialists in the public sector, except in emergencies, can be longer and more difficult, particularly outside the major cities.

In Norway, the majority of hospitals are public and provide a full range of services. Private healthcare facilities support the public sector, but generally do not provide primary care.

As an expat, how can I benefit from health services?

To access the Norwegian public health system, you must be registered as a resident in the Folkeregister (national register) in your municipality.

If you are an expat working in Norway, you will automatically be covered by the National Health Insurance scheme (Helfo) which requires a contribution equivalent to 8% of your gross income. Once registered, you will be a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme and will have access to all public health services which are administered by the Norwegian Board of Health supervision.

Helse Norge: Health Norway, online

Helse Norge (Health Norway) is the online centre dedicated to healthcare in Norway. Here you can find information about healthcare practitioners and facilities, as well as your rights as a patient. In particular, you will be able to register with a general practitioner in your municipality, who will always be your first point of contact for health matters and through whom you will need to access specialist doctors.

The Norwegian health system is based on the principle that all residents have the right to choose their own doctor and to be seen within five days.

Good to know:

  • You can change your GP twice a year if you are not happy
  • You have the right to be accompanied by an interpreter. While most doctors in Norway speak English, access to an English-speaking doctor depends on the location and medical institution. You must ask for this service in advance of your appointment.
  • In order to see your doctor, you must pay a deductible of NOK 160 for a general practitioner and NOK 375 for a specialist. Once you have reached the limit of NOK 2,921 in medical expenses, you will receive an exemption card (frikort), allowing you to get free medical care for a given period or at least at a reduced cost.
  • The amount you have to pay for your medicines at the pharmacy depends on the colour of your prescription: for a blue prescription, you pay 39% of the total cost of the medication prescribed; for a white prescription, you pay the full cost up to an annual maximum of NOK 1,775).
  • In the event of an emergency, treatment is covered 100% by NIS.

Foyer Global Health: the best ally for expatriates in Norway and around the world

While the majority of residents in Norway are covered by the Norwegian National Health Insurance Scheme, most expatriates choose private international health insurance, which is more flexible, less restrictive and more comprehensive than local health insurance. Foyer Global Health offers you tailor-made and secure health insurance solutions for your relocation in Norway and worldwide.

Our strengths:

  • Relocation of expats is part of our DNA: covering expats’ health around the world is our specialty
  • We offer optimised, flexible health cover that protects you in Norway, in your home country and worldwide
  • Different levels of insurance are offered and can be tailored to your profile and preferences at competitive prices
  • Freedom to choose the healthcare provider that best suits your needs, whether in the public or private sector
  • Multilingual medical assistance, available 24/7

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