International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Australia

International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Australia

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Are you ready to embark on a new adventure? An island continent, Australia is home to world-renowned beaches, a vast outback, majestic forests, mountain ranges and bustling metropolis. And when it comes to healthcare, the land down under has an efficient system that requires everyone to take out private health insurance, including expatriates. The overview below helps to explain how the Australian healthcare system works.

The Australian healthcare system

Australia’s healthcare system offers high-quality services, efficient management and a modern infrastructure in both the private and public sectors. So, unless you’re venturing into the Australian bush, you may rest assured that you will receive good medical care from competent healthcare staff.

Medicare:  Australia’s public health insurance

Medicare, the Australian health insurance system funded by government subsidies and employee contributions (Medicare Levy), provides cover for illness, maternity, and disability (for primary care and hospitalization) solely for Australian citizens, people who have lived in the country for at least two consecutive years (permanent residents) and for foreigners of certain countries with which Australia has concluded a bilateral agreement (Belgium, New Zealand, Malta, etc.)

NB: Even if you are a temporary resident and an employee, Medicare Levy tax will be deducted automatically from your salary without you being able to benefit from Medicare cover. If you wish to be exempt, remember to mention this on your tax return. For more information, click here!

In the public sector, patients are generally fully covered by Medicare for their healthcare costs, with the exception of drugs, dental care, ophthalmology and alternative medicine. Maternity-related healthcare costs are covered provided that the pregnancy is treated in an approved healthcare centre. If health practitioners are approved by the public health sector and display ‘Direct Billing’ or ‘Bulk Billing’, that means that policyholders are fully covered with their Medicare card.

In the private health sector, Medicare’s coverage of medical expenses is very low. Many Australian citizens (30%) and permanent residents covered by Medicare take out private health insurance policies with companies such as MBF or HCF to supplement the cover provided by the Australian health insurance system.

If you are planning for a long expat stay in Australia, and your partner is Australian and/or you have a work permit, you can apply for permanent residence and for health insurance under the Medicare system.

For more information on Medicare and the Australian healthcare system, visit Australia’s Department of Health’s official website!

How much does healthcare cost in Australia?

In Australia, medical services are quite expensive and without health insurance (public and/or private), you are personally responsible to cover all medical fees. In the private sector, prices can be very high and amount to those charged in the United States.

Although prices may vary from one health establishment to another and even from one city to another, here are a few examples of what health services can cost in the country:

  • A 15-minute consultation with a general practitioner costs around AU$70 (around €41) and beyond that, the price can quickly exceed AU$100 (around €60).
  • A visit to a specialist doctor can cost up to AU$200 (around €120)
  • A visit to the dentist costs between AU$150 (around €90) and AU$300 (around €180); a crown costs between AU$1,100 and AU$2,000 (between €650 and €1,200).
  • Maternity care (pregnancy and childbirth) can cost up to AU$20,000 (around €12,000).

Why opt for international health insurance as an expatriate?

As Medicare is reserved for Australian citizens and permanent residents, you will not be covered by Medicare for the first two years of your relocation to Australia. Due to the high cost of healthcare outside of the country’s Medicare system, it is imperative that you take out private health insurance, at least during the first two years of relocation, as it will cover your general healthcare and medication expenses.

International health insurance rather than local private healthcare insurance is recommended for three reasons: it is often expensive, requires a waiting period (around two months for basic care; one year for maternity costs) and does not cover you outside Australia. In contrast, a private international health insurance policy designed for expatriates will accompany you and your family not only in Australia but also worldwide. It also covers you for treatment in both the public and private sectors, giving you the freedom to choose your healthcare provider!

Please note that taking out private health cover prior to your expatriation is a condition for obtaining a visa.

Foyer Global Health stays by your side in Australia!

Expatriation is in our DNA: we understand that every expat has different needs, and they deserve effective, tailor-made and efficient healthcare coverage.

Foyer Global Health offers high-performance healthcare solutions tailored to your needs, covering your medical expenses in Australia and around the world, in both the public and private sectors. We reimburse your health expenses from the first euro spent and you remain free to choose the medical establishment or practitioner that suits you for a wide range of health services! You can also access our multilingual medical service at all times and have a 100% digital healthcare experience.

For more information about our customized health insurance solutions, please reach out to our experts!