corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach to sustainability at Foyer Group

Foyer Global Health fully commits to the global Corporate Social Responsibility governance of the Foyer Group and engages actively in the social actions initiated.

The 5 pillars of the CSR committee

  • The CSR Committee of Foyer Group consists of  nine members. The role of the commitee is to provide regular updates and recommendations on sustainability matters and ensures Foyer Group complies with ESG regulations.
  • Five of the members are the representants of the main cross-functional themes. They are the sponsors and main touchpoints for these themes. Their role is to evaluate the positive impact of the CSR strategy and give advice and recommandation to the Executive Board of Foyer.
  • The representants are supported by the work groups on the same themes. The work groups suggest actions and projects to the representants who evaluate their consistency and relevance for the Foyer group.

Read more details about the different themes adressed by the CSR Committee:


Promote the well-being of employees in the workplace, listen to their opinions and give importance to their voices, and improve their work-life balance.


Preserve the ecosystems, analyse the impacts caused by the company and its products in terms of consumption of resources, production of waste, pollution, etc.


Support business growth and operation through sustainlable practices that benefit and impact positively the stakeholders, communities and environment.


Build a diverse and equitable workplace, by facilitating women’s empowerment, achieving equal outcomes regardless of gender


Find solutions to enhance the live of each other, helping associations by voluntary and sustainable actions.

CSR is a priority for Foyer, all employees and collaborators are invited to engage and lead social initiatives. Some of our wonderful Foyer Global Health collaborators are also members of the work groups:

csr committee

We are all very proud of being part of this adventure with Foyer Group. CSR is also an essential part of Foyer Global Health’s strategy and vision. When contributing to Foyer’s various projects, we achieve great results that benefit all the entities of the group. As part of the Ecology work group, we are committed to accompany the Group in the transition to become a low carbon company, and make sure that our impact on the environment is minimal. We installed solar panels and beehives on the building’s roof, implemented innovative water solutions to collect rainwater. For the past few years, printing is done on recycled paper only. We are all doing this on a voluntary basis; each employee can be an active player and make a positive impact.

Anne-Kathrin Grûtzner, member of Foyer’s CSR Committee

Foyer wants to ensure a better future

Through labels

Foyer is always looking for ways to improve. The company met the criteria of the Luxembourg Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (INDR) and was therefore able to renew its “Socially Responsible Company” accreditation in June 4th, 2021.
Of the 100 companies that have received the accreditation so far, Foyer was the only insurer to have obtained and renewed its certification .
This award is a testament to the Group’s commitment to CSR.


And partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organisations…

In January 2009, the Foyer Group concluded a partnership agreement with the non-profit organisation MyClimateLux.
MyClimateLux activities are aimed in particular at making companies and the public at large aware of climate change, the efficient use of energy and renewable energy sources, together with enabling the voluntary compensation of CO2 emissions by investing in high-quality climate protection projects.

myclimate luxembourg

Since 2015, Foyer Group is also a partner of Microlux, leader in Luxembourg in microfinance activities.
In January 2020, during its CSR Fair, Foyer Group has launched a new award, the Foyer Microfinance Award, for microfinance project in Luxembourg.
For the second time in October 2021, Foyer Group supported micro-entrepreneurs through My Microbusiness Awards, with the presence of Pierre Gramegna, the Minister of Finance. Microlux also

myclimate luxembourg

Foyer Group also collaborated with Payroll Giving Luxembourg, Infogreen, AEIN…

payroll giving

To know more about CSR in Foyer Group, you can visit the dedicated page on the website:

Our actions to build a better place

Charity project in Nepal: building a school for children

With the NGO AEIN, Foyer supports the education of children with the rebuilding of a primary school. This school will be able to accommodate around 120 students. Foyer collects donations through Payroll giving and various auctions, which amount so far to 30.000€. This amount will be donated to the AEIN association. We give a warm thank you to all the collaborators that involved in this cause.

foyer nepal

International Women’s Day 2022

Foyer Global Health has joined Foyer to celebrate the International Women’s Day on March 8th 2022 to speak up for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world. A serie of short videos and interviews was created to raise awaireness around gender parity in the workplace.

international women's day

Collecting goods for Ukraine

In collaboration with several luxembourgish companies, Foyer has organised several collections of goods for the Ukrainien population. The goods were sent to the associations LUkraine and Echanges Lorraine Ukraine, to be then shipped to Ukraine, or distributed at collection centres.

collecting ukraine

Mets tes baskets! (Put your sneakers on!)

On June 16th 2022, Foyer’s collaborators have put their sneakers on to clean Leudelange’s area to support ELA Association to fight against leukodystrophy. About 13 bags of 100 litres were collected in 45 min by all the collaborators present that day.

mets tes baskets