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Get full expat medical insurance for yourself and your family

Leaving home to work or travel for yourself in a foreign country is one thing. Leaving home with your family for an extended period of time is a completely different story. The number of questions you face are exponential. It takes a lot of energy and the presence of strong local partners to get everything right. Including international health insurance for you and your family.

When it comes to moving families abroad, we know that one size does not fit all your international health insurance needs.

You might have decided to take some time off and experience new adventures, far away from home.

Today here; tomorrow there. You might wish to stay for a couple of weeks in a certain spot, then decide to move somewhere else.

ESSENTIAL is a package that has been designed to fits your needs. It offers you full basic insurance cover for securing medically necessary treatment or organising major cost items such as inpatient and outpatient treatments. Ancillary services such as home nursing or domestic help are excluded.

You are leaving for your job and expect to spend an extended period of time in a new location abroad?

You want to be sure everything is covered. Although everything will seem like it is different from home, you will not want to miss the security and the support that is yours today. With the job taking its course, children attending school, new friends being made, peace of mind is essential to make you feel at home again.

Our SPECIAL plan offers full insurance cover, including extra benefits such as corrective lenses and preventive medical check-ups. It also takes into account other medical and non- medical services in addition to covering the major cost items., the SPECIAL plan is the right choice.

If you are looking for a maximum service level and have high expectations with the organisation of your medical care, EXCLUSIVE is the right choice for your family.

With EXCLUSIVE, Foyer Global Health has designed a comprehensive insurance cover for expats and their families.

Which medical coverage is the best for you?

6 simple questions to help us guide you to the best global health plan for you:

  • "It feels good to have the right partner!" Hochleitner Family in China

    Shortly after our arrival in China, our little daughter complained of extreme abdominal pain. We headed directly to the hospital, not knowing what to expect. I contacted the Foyer Global Health emergency hotline, which immediately contacted the hospital and arranged the admittance and the guarantee of payment. Our daughter was then operated on the appendix. The service and the cost handling were completely uncomplicated and smooth.
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