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Online medical consultations from the comfort of your home

Nowadays, telemedicine is undoubtely one of the most successful online health services. Modern technology breaks boundaries like never before and enables quick and efficient medical diagnosis, at your fingertips.

We pride ourselves in giving all clients access to best-in-class services to safeguard their health.
We therefore have partnered with Teladoc Health to provide
unlimited consultations, at no additional cost!

Get an appointment with a trusted and fully licenced doctor, whenever you need it, wheverer you are in the world

No matter in what time zone you live, you can consult our physicians all around the clock, in the language of your preference. If you happen to be sick in a place where easy access to good health services is not a given, then telemedicine is the perfect solution!

If you are client with us, log on to your health portal here to access your services:

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Telemedicine is easy to use, convenient and time saving

It has never been easier to get a medical appointment. You no longer need to waste your time in traffic jams and in a waiting room. You are now just a call away from your doctor’s consultation.

Telemedicine also helps prevent cross-contamination and reduce the risk of infection as you do not need to go to the doctor’s office, which gives you and your loved ones, complete peace of mind.

With telemedicine, you can get the right diagnosis more easily
than ever before, without the wait.

You get to speak with a doctor, in all confidentiality, and for as long as you deem necessary.

If you wish to have more information about telemedicine consultation, then we kindly invite you to read our dedicated article on our blog or to contact us.