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Complementary Health Insurance for EU Officials

Supplemental cover to the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme (JSIS) of the European Institutions

eu official health plan

While most complementary cover for EU Officials offer you a cover within the European Economic Space (EEE) – Foyer Global Health and its EU Health plan will guarantee you a worldwide coverage with a comprehensive assistance package.



Foyer Global Health is a Luxemburg based company with a large distribution network, not only in Luxembourg where the Foyer agencies are nearly in every town, but also in the other main cities in which the European institutions are established.

What is the reason for you to purchase EU Health?

  • Simple claims procedure via post or online
  • No copy from JSIS benefit statement needed – EU Health always reimburses 20 % of the cost
  • No limitation for treatment outside of the EEE
  • No general waiting periods
  • Second medical opinion from the best specialists worldwide
  • Simple benefits without hidden co-payments
  • Assistance benefits like evacuation or repatriation

Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)