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Company information in a nutshell

Created in 2014, Foyer Global Health is the international health insurance and service provider for globally mobile people, part of Foyer S.A., the largest insurer in Luxembourg.
We provide first-class health coverage with comprehensive medical assistance and value-added health care services.

  • Our international health insurance plans help protect expatriates and their families, digital nomads, and any other globally mobile people as they work and live abroad.
  • We also provide health solutions for corporates, multi-nationals and organisations of all sizes with international workforce.

Thanks to our network of partners and brokers, Foyer Global Health provides health coverage for expats and employees in more than 200 countries all around the World. Our mission is to best serve the health needs of individuals and groups wherever they live.

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Foyer Global Health’s customers worldwide

Our international health insurance plans for expat individuals

expat health insurance plan
  • We offer international health insurance for expatriates living abroad with their families, digital nomads, globetrotteurs…
  • Our health coverage is worldwide and flexible: we adapt the level of coverage to the specific needs of each member of the policy
  • We offer medical services for our clients without any cost and available 24/7
  • We guarantee high-end services and transparent communication, without any hidden cost.

Our business health insurance plans for international employees

  • We provide group health insurance for companies and organisations of any size to protect the health of their international employees.
  • We design unique and personnalised products for each group.
  • We have decades of expertise behind us: we accompany each company from A to Z to make sure we have the right health plans for them.
  • We have a dedicated sales team for international business health insurance, with a strong and global knowledge of the health insurance sector.

Our Timeline


Creation of Foyer Global Health. Through a network of european brokers, the entity offers health insurance solutions for individual & profesionnal expatriates. The focus is mainly on the DACH market (Germany, Austria & Switzerland).


Foyer Global Health starts its digitalisation by offering an online portal that allows clients to follow their claims, find contact information and all their insurance documents.


The company expands its broker network and activities in Europe, particularly in France and Belgium.


Creation of the product Epion, supplementary health insurance for cross-border commuters in Switzerland. Official commercialisation in May 2019.
Foyer Global Health is now serving clients from more than 110 countries accross the world.


Cooperation with Helsana on the Swiss market and business partnership launched with HDI.
Development of direct sales, following the creation of the website in 2017.


François Jacquemin joins in October as the new Managing Director of the entity. A five-years strategy is defined with the ambition to grow fast and succesfully.
Expansion into the Asian market (Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai…).
Brand refresh of Foyer Global Health : creation of new logo, values and brand identity.


Foyer Global Health has clients all around the world, in +200 countries.
Development of business activities in the UAE/Dubai market.
Launch of the new website in June.

Our Management team

françois jacquemin bio
Managing Director

François is a senior global insurance executive with a broad experience in strategic development, digitalisation, and execution of international programs. He started his career in 1997 as first employee of Nemian Life Pensions, an international Luxembourg life insurance start up, which he participated to build from scratch and which became part of the Allianz Group in 2001. François held various positions including product management and business development where he implemented distribution partnerships in several countries. Since October 1st, 2021, François is leading Foyer Global Health on strategic and development activities.

Jeroen is an internationally experienced executive with strong focus on optimizing business processes and obtaining client engagement through operational excellence. He started working for DKV where he participated in planning, organizing and managing a project to offer international health insurance products across DKV’s companies in various countries. After this, he supported in managing the affiliated companies of ERGO in the Netherlands for several years. Since 2008 he is working on the Luxemburgish market as COO in the IPMI business, a position which he also currently holds at Foyer Global Health. His passion for international aspects of the business is furthermore underlined by his creation of a digital platform to enable globally mobile people to easily find health care providers worldwide.
Jeroen loves spending his spare time with his family and friend. He enjoys reading and has a special interest for contemporary art.

jeroen van de velde bio
Chief Operating Officer
michel etienne bio
Chief Technology Officer

Active in the joint fields of insurance and technology since 2001, Michel successively held the positions of analyst, organisation and project manager and then CTO. He joined Foyer Group in 2014 to lead innovation projects within the sales management team. Today, he is in charge of technologies, risk and data management for Foyer Global Health.
Michel is passionate about all challenges combining technological challenge, digital transformation and transversality between the different teams of the organisation. He believes in the winning association of human beings with technology.

Jens has more than 20 years of international experience in Business Development and Sales Leadership. He has a background in health insurance from Allianz group where he started his career. Jens also has a background in international corporate banking and spent 6 years living and working in Singapore and Shanghai. Prior to joining FGH, Jens helped build a digital insurance startup and insurtech, founded by AXA. Jens holds an MBA degree from University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

jens hohnwald bio
Chief Sales Officer

About the Foyer Group

Foyer S.A. has been created in 1922, celebrating this year its 100th anniversary, and has remained since then a family business.

Today, the group is a leading financial player in Luxembourg, where it employs over 800 employees. Insurance, pensions and wealth management represent the core business of Foyer Group, which is active in several European countries. It offers a wide range of products and services for individuals and companies, and is committed to deliver an excellent quality of service thanks to its century of expertise.

If you want to know more about Foyer Group, you can visit the website.

Building a sustainable company

Foyer Global Health is proactively undertaking corporate social responsibility activities at its own level and at the Foyer group’s level. We believe that, as a global health insurance company, CSR deserves our special attention. Protecting the health and well-being of our customers, employees and communities is our main mission. By continuing our ongoing efforts and taking more and more social, environmental and governance initiatives, we can achieve a positive impact for our people and the world.

Our mission is to offer access to healthcare to all expatriates and globally mobile people: we care for our communities all around the world, beyond borders
To find out more about Foyer Global Health brand identity, visit our dedicated page.

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