Telemedicine, connect with a doctor whenever you need it

Telemedicine, connect with a doctor whenever you need it

We provide access to unlimited telemedicine consultations to all customers at no additional cost. Our service is provided by “Teladoc” and is available 24/7 in English, German and French.

Foyer Global Health’s telemedicine service

Telemedicine has become a buzzword with the outbreak of Covid-19. But it’s true that among the biggest health-related innovations of the digital age, telemedicine consultation is undoubtedly one of the most successful. And although it has been available for several years, the market is finally mature enough and no one can question the need for it anymore.

Thanks to telecommunication technology and electronic communication, specialists and healthcare professionals can now offer remote diagnoses and treatments (patients diagnoses and treatments remotely).

What are the main advantages of telemedicine?  

Free of charge: As long as the customer is insured with us, this service is available to him, it does not affect your maximums and deductibles, and there is no need to apply for reimbursement as it is completely free of charge.

Convenience: Telemedicine was originally designed to treat people in remote areas where access to medical facilities is limited or difficult. Today, telemedicine is not only beneficial for patients, but also amazingly convenient for healthcare providers who no longer have to travel long distances to make a diagnosis. The interface is also very useful for people with disabilities (or motor difficulties).

Flexibility and time-saving: patients can easily make an appointment that best fits their agenda. This saves a trip to the emergency room or doctor’s office, where the waiting time can sometimes be very long.

Avoiding hospital overcrowding: Telemedicine helps to reduce hospital admissions and avoid overcrowding in emergency rooms (ERs) with minor problems when more urgent cases are due. Meanwhile, it also prevents cross-contamination and keeps people away from contagious diseases in the waiting room.

Online: Telemedicine is very easy to use, as the patient can make an appointment directly online or by phone call.

How telemedicine works

We offer our clients the possibility to access telemedicine services by phone or online.

  • By phone:

The customer can request a teleconsultation by calling one of the numbers below:

          +352 437 43 4263 for English

          +352 437 43 4261 for French

          +352 437 43 4262 for German (calls before 8am and after 8pm CET are answered in English)

He will then be contacted by a doctor according to the date and time chosen.

After the teleconsultation, the doctor can issue a medical prescription if necessary. 


The telehealth service enables the insured to discuss all non-emergency related health issues directly with a licenced doctor including sinusitis, allergies, flu, and more. 

Here are some of the topics which are perfectly adapted to this service : 

  • General Medical – Convenient quality healthcare from certified doctors by phone or video
  • Back Care – Customized back care programs with videos and access to certified health coaches
  • Nutrition  In-depth nutrition consultations and personalized guides for member-specific needs
  • Tobacco Cessation  Help from Teladoc physicians and cessation coaches who can prescribe treatment and monitor a member’s progress
  • Dermatology – Access to board-certified dermatologists who can review imagery and prescribe approved medications within days
  • Sexual Health – Help finding local labs for confidential testing and results for common STIs without the need for an appointment
  • Behavorial Health Care – Access to licensed mental health professionals, with the option to receive ongoing care from a provider of their choice

Should a question be too complex for the doctor on the phone to answer, they will then start the process for an Expert Second Opinion with Best Doctors. All of our clients are also eligible to this service, at no extra cost.