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Personalised your cover to fit your expat adventure duration

Hopping abroad briefly for less than a year?

Make sure you have us by your side...

PROTECT is our plan for you. It covers all the essentials for your short stay abroad. No need to worry about unexpected medically necessary treatments or emergency inpatient treatments it is all covered.

Going abroad for a longer time even a year or more.

Make sure the unexpected is well covered for...

ESSENTIAL is a package that has been designed to fits your needs. It offers you full basic insurance cover for securing medically necessary treatment or organising major cost items such as inpatient and outpatient treatments. Ancillary services such as home nursing or domestic help are excluded.

Moving abroad for multiple years?

In that case surely your health insurance is even of higher importance. Therefore make sure you have a coverage that reflects your needs throughout the duration of your moving. Use our interactive guide below to determine the best option for you or follow the link “compare our plans” below.

Which medical coverage is the best for you?

6 simple questions to help us guide you to the best global health plan for you:

Foyer Global Health coverage plan

Interested to find out more?

Compare all our international health coverage plans