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Second Medical Opinion: We find the best doctor worldwide for you

Access to the best medical minds in the world so you can be sure you have the right diagnosis and treatment plan

Why Second Medical Opinion?

Top reasons to contact Best Doctors

You require a better understanding of your medical condition.

You have doubts about the information you have received from your specialist.

You are not improving or recovering from a condition.

You need expert guidance to decide between treatment options.


The Best Doctors service

The right specialist is out there - we'll provide guidance to help you find them.

When you or your family are facing a health problem you need clear, definitive answers and you need to know that the advice you are getting is the best available.

Best Doctors provides the only medical opinion service, that identifies and gives you access to the leading specialist in your particular condition. As part of this service Best Doctors then handles the collection and sending of all of your previous medical records and imaging to the chosen specialist, for a full review. The selected specialist will provide you with a clear and comprehensive expert report that reviews and confirms both your diagnosis and your treatment plan.

Throughout the entire process the Best Doctors team are by your side, every step of the way.


What is it all about

A unique network that helps you to make medical decisions with confidence

We provide access to the best medical minds in the world so you can be sure you have te right diagnosis and treatment plan. We also help you find specialists and get expert answers to medical questions. It’s a value health benefit for our members obtaining an expert physician’s medical report and benefiting from the collaboration between the expert and the treating physician. Whether you’re dealing with a chronic condition, questioning surgery or facing a life-threatening illness, we can guide you in the right direction.



Why Best Doctors

In a nutshell

  • A high quality, impartial and personalised expert information resource
  • The most experienced independent expert second medical opinion provider
  • Best Doctors’ commitment to excellence: Healthcare quality
  • Demonstrates innovation and customer care.
  • Very high consumer satisfaction.


How it Works

1. Customer calls 24/7 Best Doctors’ Member care centre (free phone number)
2. Best Doctors answers In the language of choice (German, English, French).
3. Best Doctors collects and reviews medical records, if required
4. Report delivered to customer’s home in local language

Foyer Global Health has partnered with Best Doctors to offer our customers absolute confidence and certainty to make decisions about their health.