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International Health Insurance for Expats

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FAQs International Health Insurance for Expats

Why is it important for expats to have an International Health Insurance?

You want to be covered for both emergency situations and daily care. An international medical insurance gives you the guarantee that you will get quality private health care regardless of which country you move to and whatever local healthcare system is in place. You will be covered in your home country as well as in your country of expatriation.

Why an International Health Insurance is not a Travel Insurance?

International Health insurance, also referred to as International Private Medical Insurance, or IPMI, is intended for people who are going to live abroad for several months or years. If you plan an expatriation for over 3 months, then a worldwide health insurance is a must. It is meant for expats, students, globetrotters, families going abroad on a sabbatical, etc. Literally, any planning to live abroad for a mid to long-term duration.

Travel insurance: For short stay, usually less than three months, and primarily for people going for a holiday, for sightseeing or visiting family and friends abroad. It is not suited for individuals or families who are planning to reside abroad for many months as the cover is usually far more limited.

What is the cost and duration of a Global Health Insurance Plan?

There is usually no end date for the International Health insurance contract. In most instances the contract ends once the people have returned to their country of origin. You can choose at which frequency you want to pay the insurance premium (monthly, quarterly, annually). This latter will vary depending on your age, destination, deductible and medical conditions assessment. So it is really tailored to each insured.