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  • Expat in Europe: focus on the minimum wages
    • 18 January 2022
    1,870 euros: this is the difference between the highest minimum wage, Luxembourg with almost 2,202 euros per month, and Bulgaria, which is at the bottom of the table on European minimum wages. 21 of the 27 countries have a minimum wage, let’s take stock of the legal remuneration in the European Union. Choosing your expatriation […]
  • Expatriation in Shanghai: what changes on 1st January
    • 14 January 2022
    Starting from 2022, China will cancel the tax exemption on certain fringe benefits for certain foreigners (including housing rental, children’s education expenses and language training expenses). This is expected to result in higher tax liabilities for those with higher incomes. Find out what is concretely changing in 2022 for expatriates in Shanghai. IIT reforms, changes […]