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  • Expatriating to Cyprus & Covid-19, what is the new Digital Nomad Visa?
    • 30 November 2021
    • Expat life
    Cyprus is ranked second among Mediterranean countries for improving its quality of life according to the latest HSBC Expat Explorer survey. In the logic of attracting more and more qualified expatriates, the Cypriot government has announced new measures among which the issuance of a Digital Nomad Visa. We explain you everything! Cyprus government introduced Friday […]
  • PCR tests for European Expatriates: November 2021 Update
    • 23 November 2021
    • Coronavirus
    One month has passed since the PCR tests became chargeable in France. If some countries in the European Union still offer free PCR tests, the vast majority charge for them. Quick review on the PCR tests’ costs in Europe. European countries in which the PCR test is the cheapest In many European countries, getting tested […]
  • Movember: the importance of testicular self-examination
    • 11 November 2021
    • Health
    Testicular self-examination in men is a simple manoeuvre that, correctly oriented, can give us a lot of information regarding testicular well-being or discomfort. Therefore, it should become as frequent and effective for men as breast self-examination is for women.   Some statistics on testicular cancer Testicular cancer constitutes approximately 1% of all male tumours. The […]
  • Moratorium clause: what is it exactly about?
    • 02 November 2021
    • Foyer Global Health
    • Insurance
      Private health insurance is meant to cover people against unexpected and new medical conditions. Regarding pre-existing conditions (illness or condition that already existed prior the enrolment to a health insurance policy), they can have a different impact on your coverage depending on your medical insurance policy, and how your insurer assesses the risks related […]